Saturday, March 2, 2013


Friday night, I was drawn to post this image as my banner on Facebook. I added the text, my face automatically appears lower left.

We connect the dots in the grids of our experience to understand our "mission" at any given point on the timelines.

As far back as I can remember, I see a tunnel linked to the time travel experiments in WWII Germany at Stuttgart, where I worked as a physicist. In this timeline, I've met several people who share the same memories of the labs and the experiments and link them with an alien presence. What it means is that we are conscious of shared experiences in that grid and await a conclusion to something that links everything together and to the closure of the hologram. In 2005 I visited Stuttgart, Germany which is mentioned in my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander. There is a link between the WWII Nazi grid program and all of history as we know it.

The video below is probably a hoax, yet awakens and connects. It is reminiscent of the WWII Germany foo fighters - stirring something in my soul, as if another marker. I found the video when it was posted by a friend on Facebook, and stirred my soul to post for anyone who shares my experience here.

Watch the video

Friday night on "Touch," the key code was "8877". I usually don't pay attention to the weekly numeric code, but, this morning, I was drawn to google the numbers. What came up immediately was 8877 Quarten, Switzerland (47° 6' N - 9° 14' E) which is not far from Stuttgart (48° 46' N - 9° 10' E). More interesting was the video above which depicts what could be a male and female aliens (gods) hovering in the sky. It looks fake but connects for me.

You can also google "Quarten, Switzerland Ghost". The video posted below features The X-Files theme music, after seeing actor David Duchovny twice this week on The Tonight Show and on Extra.

Each episode of "Touch" begins and ends with a message from Jake, which reminds me of Ally in the miniseries Taken. This week Jake said,

    "Human beings are hardwired to connect. We are drawn to one another by our own chemistry, that produce attachment hormones which produce intimacy. We build neural bridges that bond us brain to brain, heart to heart. Those bonds, once formed, are not meant to be broken. Our brains, our entire nervous systems are designed for us to form deep lasting bonds. When those connections are broken, bad things can happen."

What this implies is, if life was a river, don't fight the current. Let it flow.

"Touch" is about the 36. Germany is about the 36 for me. 36 Around 1.

The Mind Meld

No, no, Barak ... that's the Vulcan Mind Meld and the Jedi Mind Trick - but we forgive you as Mercury is Retrograde and you're only human.
  Jedi Mind Meld : White House embraces nerdy meme for sequestration push   MSNBC - March 1, 2013
Hours after President Barack Obama joked about a "Jedi mind meld" to prompt bipartisan compromise on the sequester - prompting cries of gaffe! from sci-fi devotees - the White House took to Twitter add fuel to the nerdy meme created by the commander in chief.

Does anybody smell a rat of give a rat's ass (brain) about any of this?
Neuroscientists create intercontinental mind meld between two rats   Wired - March 1, 2013

It's not exactly a Vulcan mind meld, but it's not far off. Scientists have wired the brains of two rats together and shown that signals from one rat's brain can help the second rat solve a problem it would otherwise have no clue how to solve. The rats were in different cages with no way to communicate other than through the electrodes implanted in their brains. The transfer of information from brain to brain even worked with two rats separated by thousands of kilometres, one in a lab in North Carolina and another in a lab in Brazil.

Oldies but Goodies

It seems vinyl records are making a come back. I noticed several stores that featured vinyl when I was in Nashville two weeks ago. I sometimes wonder what happened to my collection of original vinyls that were lost when my father moved from NY to Florida in the 1970's. In recent years, when I went to the post office to mail my books, I met Charlie, another Aquarian, also in his 60's, who owned a record store, Vinylmania Records, in the city from 1978-2007, sold it and was making a small fortune selling vinyl records through amazon and ebay. Charlie and I spent many hours in the post office over the years. He has now moved back to the city, where he's still selling vinyl.

    LP Cover Art: Robert Penney Reimagines Modern Songs Via Vintage Vinyl Artwork   Huffington Post - March 1, 2013
    Vinyl records have certainly been making a comeback in recent years, with fans and musicians alike returning to the retro medium. But there's still something special about the records of decades past, with their crinkled surface and brown-tinted paper inducing nostalgia in the heart of every music lover.

    Jack White Spreads Love of Vinyl as 'Record Store Day Ambassador'   Rolling Stone - March 1, 2013
    Jack White has been named the official ambassador for Record Store Day 2013, which will take place on April 20th at independent record shops across the world. To announce the news, White took a camera crew on a field trip to United Record Pressing in Nashville, where he offered up a few fun facts about how seven-inch and 12-inch records are made, along with a handful of conspiracy theories strategically drowned out by noise from machinery in the pressing plant, which handles vinyl for White's Nashville-based Third Man Records. It's not exactly clear what pressing vinyl has to do with "the Masons and the NBA draft being aligned with each other," or his theory that you shouldn't donate blood on a Tuesday "because that's when they change the needles out," but he seems pretty confident about both.

    White Stripes to re-release 'Elephant' on Record Store Day   ET News - March 1, 2013
    The White Stripes will re-release its 2003 album "Elephant" for this year's Record Store Day April 20, the group's label Third Man Records has announced. The album will be released in a limited edition, colored double LP. The first LP will be on a black and red vinyl, the second will be on white vinyl. The audio is mastered direct from the original analog source, according to a release from the label.

Also from my generation ... it's time to say goodbye to actress Bonnie Franklin who died today of pancreatic cancer. I remember the show but it seems like eons ago.

'One Day at a Time' actress Bonnie Franklin dies at 69   CNN - March 1, 2013

Actress Bonnie Franklin, a Tony Award nominee who played a single mom at the center of the hit TV sitcom "One Day at a Time," died Friday of complications from pancreatic cancer.