Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Memos

It's probably because it's almost spring, which brings changes, but the self-help articles are everywhere and give me the opportunity to develop blogs on topics I never write about. Actually I have enjoyed all the new articles, which surprised me. Physical help and bettering one's life and career are fine with me, it's the wounded soul stuff and the needy behavior patterns that I can't cope with. So far this has been a great month, only 4 days in, the articles posted above and below and in Mercury Retrograde no less !! What article did friends on Facebook like? It isn't about self-help. It's the updates to The Grand Canyon - which also takes us to Egyptian connections...

Also ... Ezine was falling in the stats so I considered stopping that blog after 2012 - but now it is back in the Top 10 and as I enjoy it, the file remains. It shows me that people want The New - The Old is boring ... and as you know ... everything is redundant like circling at an airport waiting to land. We are circling ... cycling in time and ready to go home minus our Earth baggage! Did I really recycle that old joke?!

Gabe sent me a funny, yet prophetic article this morning. As I see it ... the subroutine of our program began in Egypt where a pyramid was placed as a marker for all time. Currently in Egypt we find revolution, the hot air balloon accident last week and now the message below ... Maybe Ra will return with Thoth heading up the gang to rescue us.

Punctual plague of locusts swarms Egypt just in time for Passover   MSN - March 4, 2013
Egypt has festively gotten in the Passover spirit by enduring a swarm of millions upon millions of locusts. The locust plague struck in the Giza region, devastating agricultural areas 15 miles outside of Cairo. The Egyptian armed forces are trying to control and contain the swarm, but civilians are instructed to not burn tires (apparently a DIY remedy for a storm of crickets) or try to deal with the infestation themselves. If you're looking for a silver lining to this cloud of locusts, here's a small one: The bugs are considered a viable food by some. And if we'd just watched them eat our farm, we'd chomp them by the handful, too.