Sunday, March 24, 2013


Dust Pillar of the Carina Nebula
  NASA - March 24, 2013
Inside the head of this interstellar monster is a star that is slowly destroying it.

Inside the "head" of the consciousness grids an alchemical transformation is taking place.

March 24, 1490 - November 21, 1555

Georgius Agricola

Georg Agricola was an alchemist
known as the Father of Mineralogy.

Buried beneath the earth is an alchemical treasure beyond man's widest dreams. Minerals vary greatly in color, transparency, luster, brilliance, odor, taste, and other properties which are shown by their strength and weakness, shape, and form. They have the variety of origins we find not only in living matter but in original matter.

Georgius Agricola


Mexico's Cave of Giant Crystals

March 24, 1897 - November 3, 1957

Wilhelm Reich

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Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian psychiatrist.


I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about

the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages.

The basic task of natural science consists of making this energy usable.

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March 24, 2013 -- Palm Sunday