Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reality TV 2013 ...

Themes for March Madness ... "stormy weather" (remake) ... "religion 2013 style" (remake).

The writers pause ... It's time for industrial strength caffeine ... That's your cue, George !! :)

Action: A storm moves across the US - setting snowfall records in Chicago arriving in Washington, D.C. early Wednesday March 6. Rushing from the U.S. Capitol we see a male figure carrying an attache, trying to evade an assassin. His attempts to hail a cab fail, leaving him stranded without a means of escape due to the storm. Who is this political figure? You ... as the audience ... can vote on who you see in the role. You only get one vote.

Action: Castel Gandolfo near Rome: We see the Pope Emeritus seated in front of a television, his focus fixated on "the program". The camera zooms in on the title The Bible. Holding the remote control, he pauses the action, then utters, "Now it all makes sense. I know why I had to step down. May God save us all." Tears well up in his eyes. He makes the "sign of the cross" then grabs his chest. You decide what happens next.