Saturday, October 21, 2017

Binary Code from BC to DC
in the Matrix

Before Trump decided to run for office, I spend little time following politics, always seeing the conspiracies, diversions, collusion, etc. as dysfunctional governments struggle to work. Trump's issues bring this to new heights for those who choose to follow his mood swings, tweets, ego mania, destructive nature, and everything else that makes this His reality show. I have always believed Trump was put in place to release the truth about alien conspiracies among others.

This week I chose to ignore the rhetoric, knowing all things will play out as is programmed. You can align with causes, vent at will, or relax and allow events to unfold. It all goes to your programming. The algorithmic design of the hologram was set in motion at the beginning and in this timeline comes to closure. You can call humanity: Projected Illusion, A.I., Consciousness, a Biogenetic Experiment, or something else, but it is ending along with the illusion of time.

We're down to the wire - bottom of the 9th - as the Houston Astros take on the NY Yankees 8:00 pm EDT in Game 7 of the ALCS. I'm still hoping for a Yankee-Dodger world series.