Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday Topics

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a topic that will never away again though it sadly will continue. This has become a featured topic not jus tin the US with the exploits of Harvey Weinstein have cost him his job, reputation, and family, but have brought forth some of the most famous female celebrities telling their stories about experiences with him through the decades.

Social media adds to the equation. This month #MeToo was created by actress Alyssa Milano as a place woman can tell their stories and work out their issues from the controlling parent to the domineering partner to a co-worker.

Truth rules now in every aspect of reality. That which was once tolerated and hidden comes to light. Bullies are dysfunctional children who often grow up with unresolved issues they carry that over into adult life. It's all about control.

Now here's the rub. Men in the corporate world have now become afraid of emotionally unstable female employees who seek who extort them for better opportunities they do not deserve by threatening to report them for sexual harassment which never happened. This the dualistic nature of reality. Tip to the guys ... don't date the hot babe (or guy) at work. Check employees very carefully before hiring as the crazies are getting crazier.

People who are being sexually harassed at work have choices to make. Do they stay on because they need the money and there's no other employment available? Do they share what's going on with their family, friends or therapist who may or may not believe them?

Also remember the word "Favor" is part of the equation that results in many conspiracies and dramas. I do you a favor so you owe me ... and one day I will collect

Over Your Head in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Much of what's going on in the world today may seem over your head just as it is for people who have inside information and think they can resolve the endless issues we face. It's about confusion, uncertainty, loss of control and trying to figure out what to do as the equation changes. Sometimes you just have to let things go, take a deep breath, and move forward. Video by Ellie and Pat who afraid of heights so I walked out and took the video as she watched safely from my office window.

Hematidrosis - Sweating Blood

You've read about Unexplained Phenomena some events considered Miracles. Featured today is the story of a young woman in Italy who has a rare and mysterious condition that causes her to sweat blood. This is not to be confused with Stigmata a spontaneous manifestation of bloody wounds on a person's hands, feet, forehead and back - similar to the wounds of the crucified Jesus. Read more ...