Sunday, October 15, 2017


The Yankees lost Game 2 last night in Houston. Can they save the season yet again? They managed to bounce back from two games down with Cleveland - now let's see what happens with Houston. On another note ... What happened to the NY Giants?

Also in local news - As we come to the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy as New York and New Jersey researchers want to build a "storm surge barrier system" that can close when needed. Sandy changed the lives of many people, not all of the damage fully repaired as of this post. As we know in the northeast, the storms will continue and Sandy is not an isolated incident.

Speaking of storms - last night I watched Jennifer Lopez's fund-raising benefit after hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. That country was financially in bad shape before the storm, now it looks like most areas need to be gutted and rebuilt.

If not, storms then wildfires as the death toll rises in California. Pray they do not have an earthquake.

There are two topics we cannot unsee or stop discussing - Earth Changes and Politics as they affect our lives. Americans are becoming more and more divided and less trusting of the institutions that were allegedly in set place to protect us. Diversity is uniting us to see the truth in all things - already knowing reality is shaped by secrets and lies. The White House and other players must find new ways to attain their personal and political agendas. The old ways need to be reversed, but Trump's revisions are worse. Sadly they stoke our divisions and try to distract us with controversies and conspiracies. No one can fix these problems.

Last week Trump, frustrated by the legislative stalls on his agenda, used his executive power to deliver a one-two punch to the Affordable Care Act. This involves allowing the sale of cheaper policies with fewer benefits and to scrap some subsidies, and how they put Congress in a tough spot. Sounds a lot like extortion. Coverage for 2018 is still available.

The third iteration of Trump's travel ban is expected to go into effect on Wednesday effectively blocking travel for most citizens from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Chad, North Korea and Venezuela.

Trump also disavowed another of President Obama's signature achievements, the Iran nuclear accord, and threatened to pull out entirely if Congress failed to address his concerns, like Iran's ballistic missile launches.

NAFTA inched closer to demise, after the administration threatened withdrawal and a rocky fourth round of negotiations. Its collapse could affect manufacturing, agriculture and energy - and risk solidifying political opposition among farm state Republicans.

The centerpiece of news last week was SEX which always catches our attention. Like politics ... you do me a favor, and I'll help you out in return ... or at least say I will. Hollywood has always been known to be about sexual favors and people being exploited. Recently men of power have been outed after years of abuse - now featuring Harvey Weinstein as more and more women come forward. He should be in jail along with Bill Cosby and Bill O'Reilly. Will this stop the abuse of predators like Weinstein? Only if they are brought to the light not just in the entertainment industry, but in all industries. on the flip side, many beautiful woman have used men to get head with no coercion by the men. Ah the dramas the Hologram sets up to create a fun gamut of emotions.