Thursday, December 27, 2018

All in with Ellie - Diversions

The biggest diversion in the 2019 grids remains Donald Trump and his whiplash affect on politics, the economy, social and other institutions that has played out following age-old patterns he continues to disrupt to keep us interested. I suppose he was the perfect person to keep our attention diverted from what's going on behind the scenes where reality was programmed for chaos since the beginning and in our timeline set in place by the "Founding Fathers" whatever that term means to you.

So off we going processing what day this is on a holiday week ... it's Thursday ... and how to navigate our lives at the end ... of 2018. If you're programmed to decipher the dynamics behind all of this, including conspiracy theories, you will put a lot of energy in only to discover things are changing too quickly and you have created stress in your life ... but on the other hand perhaps you cannot function without it.

Everyone I know realizes there's not much you can do to change anything. Even the midterm elections were designated events to bring the Democrats back and make the game more interesting in 2019 and beyond, if there is a beyond. The current market fluctuations and natural disasters are reinforcing how erratic the grids are.

Sit back and let life happen planning for the best and worst of reality. Let others do the heavy lifting mentally and physically. Observe yourself and your behavior as what works and what has to be deleted.

It's "all in" the Grids ... along with the "element" of surprise that comes out of the "blue". Tick tock ...