Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fade to Black - Happy Birthday JZ - Bennu and Bush

When I posted about Jay-Z and FADE TO BLACK last night I had no idea that today is his birthday. I discovered the synchronicity when I posted Crystalinks EZine this morning. The connections for me just keep happening. JZ was born in Brooklyn six weeks after my daughter Zsia.

No matter who you conceive of as a creation force - aliens, mythological gods, science and technology, or anything else - we are in the state of consciousness evolution that is rapidly taking hold of everything occurring in this reality. For those who live in the realms of emotions this can be a very scary time.

What's NEXT - if such a concept exists outside of linear time - depends on how you are programmed. From being swept away by aliens, to ascending to another dimension, to not being able to conceptualize the end, it's there :..: just around the corner.

If you happen to live in my state of reality you know it's all going to disappear and FADE TO BLACK and the only thing scary that remains are the events that lead up to that final moment.

Computer End Simulation


This time of the year things often refer to myths especially connected to ancient Egypt where we find Jesus, among others. Before Christmas each year you will read about archaeological discoveries linked to Jesus, Christmas, and related myths. Egypt and Bennu of course take us to a whole slew of characters played by Z which include a pantheon of Gods and of course Jesus himself as the end of one experience segues into another or so the stories go. Personally I feel it's all going to Fade to Black. Computer End Simulation!

In mythology the Bennu is the Phoenix a mythical sacred firebird that can be found in the mythologies of the Egyptians, Arabian, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Hindu, Phoenicians, Mesoamericans, Native Americans, and more.

In astronomy Bennu is a carbonaceous asteroid in the Apollo group discovered by the LINEAR Project on September 11, 1999. On December 3, 2018, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at the asteroid Bennu after a two-year journey.

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