Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Healing 101 - Faith Healer John of God Sexual Abuser

Healing 101 - It's All Binary Code

Healing is neither internal nor external. It's about the way one is programmed as all is an illusion of the mind. We exist in a simulation with no free will though humans need to believe and have hope to perpetuate the algorithm until it is over. Once you get that everything makes sense and you don't question anymore. People who get it understand why Trump is in office, why everything is imploding, etc. You will get it when you are programmed to or not until closure. I heard something very cool on NCIS LA Sunday night - "Hurt people - hurt people". Most people don't feel grounded in this reality with dramas

Is it your faith in a mythological god or icon that really shapes your destiny? No!

Through my 30+ year journey in the realms of metaphysics I've met all kinds of men with personal agendas allegedly to heal and help others but often it was just about the money and feeling important as people they spoke to treated them like Gods.

There were the time travelers, the walk-ins, the aliens, the ascended masters, authors, preachers and teachers, healers, and the list goes on and on.

I could never follow nor connect with any of them. They simply made no sense to me especially when they were married men, or living with women, having affairs over and over again with women they met along the way.

These women put them on a pedestal treating them like superstars but when you get down to it they are just human men taking advantage of the situation for personal gain and are basically players and often substance abusers. They come from all walks of life, backgrounds and levels of education.

When you get into what is called metaphysics or spiritual work the need to find a partner/lover who will catalyze one's journey becomes greater and greater. That person goes by many names - twin flame, soulmate, person of my dreams (literally and figuratively), etc.

Left behind are 3-D people, places and experiences, segueing into the need to spiritually evolve by healing and helping themselves and others. It's an old pattern that has become stronger as the simulation comes to closure. That person will heal one's wounded issues, always be there for them, come from a space of unconditional love, is from a past/ parallel experience perhaps that was unrequited, etc.

In metaphysics you are taught to move out of the head and into the heart (chakra). That may not be the case. The heart is the emotions and they are subjective and often misleading. It's time to take a step back from things one has learned along the way, consider yourself lucky if you've been programmed for a positive journey, delete anything from your life that creates stress (if possible), and try to maintain balance as reality comes crashing down. I know ... this is something Ellie says but it's a fact.

Let's get to the next part of this blog ... John of God ...

John of God: Brazil 'faith healer' considered fugitive   BBC - December 16, 2018
A Brazilian faith healer accused of sexually abusing more than 300 women is now considered to be a fugitive. A dozen women have come forward in Brazil to accuse the prominent self-styled spiritual healer of sexually abusing them at his clinic.


Faith healing never did it for me in any experience in the simulation of reality. I know humans are programmed to believe in ... whatever ... and need hope. Got it! But when you understand that reality is preprogrammed experiences, and that most healers are not beyond reproach - having their own share of issues - you see the truth about reality.

A few years ago I read a male client in Florida who was diagnosed with cancer and felt that a visit to John of God would save his life. He asked if I thought he would be cured as off he went to Brazil. I could not lie and said that was not the case.

After seeing John of God his cancer went into remission and he thought a miracle happened. Shortly after he called when John of God was in the New York area and he was going to see him again. I listened carefully and told him I was glad that his cancer was in remission but that was part of his programming. I told him to stay in touch with his doctors as I didn't have a good feeling. Just after returning from visiting John of God his cancer returned and he passed.

It's not about John of God or any religious or other iconic figure who is supposed to help. It's all in your programming. Healers may temporarily shift your grid, but at it will revert back to its originally programming especially in end times when so many people are leaving the simulation. Some believe they are going to help others they know when the simulation ends, others have different theories.

All you can do is let life happen.