Monday, March 28, 2011

Dreams ... Integrated Consciousness

Monday .... Some time in the early morning hours, Eastern Time, I dreamed about another earthquake in Japan and people running to safety. I never dream about natural disasters, so this was a first for me. The sad, yet interesting part about the dream, that seems to have become a pattern in my current dreams, is that I am not Ellie but I momentarily take on the role of a character in the dream - while still aware of who I am. In the Japan dream, as I was running with other people, a child, about three years of age, was standing alone crying out for its mother. Suddenly I realized that I was in the physical body of the mother, my Ellie consciousness having merged with hers. Maybe we are one soul have experiences in this part of the hologram? I reasoned as I turned and ran to get the child.

I have to wonder if this is happening because we are all merging back into one, I am very adept at moving my consciousness into someone's body which I often do during a reading, Japan is spiking in the emotional grid where another disaster awaits especially as they host a supervolcano, or something else. Meanwhile back in Japan while I was dreaming .... and we are all dreaming waiting for something more that shakes us back into consciousness ...

  Japan calls off tsunami advisory   CNN - March 28, 2011

Japanese authorities on Monday called off a tsunami advisory after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake off the country's northeast coast produced little more than ripples.

Mental Fallout from Japan Disaster Hits Elderly Hard   Live Science - March 28, 2011

In the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, pictures and videos tell hundreds of tragic stories: A young man sobbing after learning his wife and child are dead; rescue workers combing through leveled towns, turning up many bodies and few survivors; gray-haired seniors, made homeless by the tsunami, sleeping in rows on shelter floors.


Astronomy, Mythology, Astrology, Alchemy

Just saying ... While updating the file about Mercury (the planet closest to our sun), I discovered the Babylonians called it Nabu (sounds a lot like Nibiru) after the messenger to the gods in their mythology. Nabu is the Assyrian and Babylonian god of wisdom and writing (Thoth in Egypt). Nabu was worshipped by Babylonians as the son of Marduk - (mythological Sumerian Gods who created this reality). There is a connection here between the epitome of events (closing) of our program and Mercury.