Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Earthquake & Tsunami

The reports are still coming in and will for days...

Massive 8.9 Quake Hits Japan Brings Tsunami

A powerful earthquake hit Japan today, unleashing a tsunami that swept

debris miles inland. The U.S. and 19 other countries are under a tsunami warning.

In case you still doubt End Times, or the fact that the tectonic plates and faults lines across the planet are breaking as we approach 2012, think again. Seriously folks, the program is closing, but you already now that ... and it really is time to get away from the Pacific Ring of Fire. Earlier in the week, my friend Geri and I were talking about the 6.3 earthquake that hit Japan and how few people took notice. We agreed that we have always seen Japan falling at the beginning of the end, and realized that the earthquake earlier this week was a precursor for something huge that was yet to come.

Gabe sent a memo: Today is the first day of Uranus in Aries (Mars) (March 11, 2011 - May 15, 2018).

Also bear in mind that Japan has a Supervolcano that kind that block our already awakening sun (see bar graph above) as Solar Max gets closer.

Kyushu is the third largest island of Japan

  40 killed in major tsunami after 8.9 Japan quake   AP - March 11, 2011

This article is also very important as it is part of what is going on below. Go there.

Scientists find increase in microearthquakes after Chilean quake   PhysOrg - February 25, 2011

By studying seismographs from the earthquake that hit Chile last February, earth scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found a statistically significant increase of micro-earthquakes in central California in the first few hours after the main shock. The observation provides an additional support that seismic waves from distant earthquakes could also trigger seismic events on the other side of the earth. The results may be found online in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

March 13, 2011 - November 6, 2011

Daylight Saving Time

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March - Mortgages

The most popular client theme for March is real estate ... the buying and selling of homes, condos, etc. Thinking of downsizing and enjoying the equity in your home rather than working? Worried about money and mortgages? It's that time of the year. It would seem that in some areas, little has changed in the price of homes since the recession started, whereas in other areas, the prices have plummeted. It's hard to sell your home when you won't get enough to cover the remaining mortgage and taxes. Many people are finding out just how little equity their property has. If you're buying or selling, and mixed up in this mess, I hope it turns out okay for you.

Underwater mortgages rise as home prices fall   AP - March 8, 2011

The number of Americans who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth rose at the end of last year, preventing many people from selling their homes in an already weak housing market.


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Thursday March 10

The Circumpunct

    Hi Ellie,

    I wrote this a while ago.. It sort of matches my painting, "Dolphin Harmony" about moving to the next level of awareness.

    No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein ~

    Pondering this famous quote by Albert Einstein is one of my favorite pastimes. Especially when applied to humanity's relationship with God, or the Divine. I also like to place my ideas in spherical form. As a starting point one thinks of the earth as a circumpunct or a dot within a circle. The dot being the earth and the circle being the Divine.

    Then lines drawn from the earth to the circle represent humans linking with the Divine at the edge of this circle. At the circle the linking of the human mind creates connection to the Divine to allow a drawing down of the collective consensus of the answer to the problems at hand.

    But what if you, like the little fellow in Flatland, know that there must be more that two dimensional life and you punch through the artificial line that keeps the rest restricted in Flatland. On the other side are the marvels of three dimensional life. But no matter how many times and ways you explain it, no two dimensional people can conceive of three dimensional life much less go there.

    The relationship of human religions to the circle has created a high place for humanity to pull solutions to all problems. The Divine Source has levels and once a soul has realized their own level, inner doors open for that one to become a witness to the mechanics and geometries that underlay the process of prayer. All religions create their own rules under which one may contact the Divine. The mystical hearted person knows that to bring the ideas of the Divine from beyond the circle that has been created by the interlacing of minds and knowledge, you must go beyond and faraway into the Void.

    The Void is the place where no metaphors, no lines or pathways or dogmas to pollute the atmosphere of Divine consciousness. It is a clear place to rest one's mind, emotions and soul. It is a place beyond the circle by which you can clear yourself of the pollution of earth. It is unlike anything, created so that a soul can clean themselves of misdirected energies of others and discordant frequencies to revive one's Divine understandings and unfold Harmony. It is like food for a weary soul who needs a reawakening of their spiritual self.

    The way to the beyond the beyond and into the next level that is not a level, unfolds as is perfect for each soul's understanding and wisdom. It is completely individually designed based on one's DNA. As hard as it has been attempted there is a certain Divine DNA or etheric DNA strand that cannot be torn away from humanity. Once the awakening has begun, it will only continue. And this circle that surrounds the earth that represents God or the Divine that has been created by the human mind's ideas about connecting and finding resonance with the Divine will be expanded to include the next level. It is where all humanity goes to be changed into a higher version of themselves. God/Goddess Divine has so many levels because there are so many souls to Love.

    So back to Albert's idea that no problem can be solved at its own level of consciousness, but must be solved at a higher level. Humanity joining together to solve problems at a higher consciousness that includes all of our ideas for the highest good of all will eventually come about. Allowing all humanity, whether you agree with each other's religion or ideas about the Divine, to come to the table at this level of higher self interaction is the unity awakening that is happening next. Telling one that the other is better, higher, wiser or clearer does not create unity, but divides and is a lower consciousness. What is needed is a higher, finer frequency to solve the problems of our times. Setting aside differences and working together from highest selves is one way to begin. Look to the people who are giving this message for leadership.

    We are not alone in the universe and once we have anchored this higher level of consciousness into earth and our place in space is aligned with the higher consciousness of this galaxy, a new common understanding will unfold. As this unfoldment of higher consciousness happens the frequency of all on earth will lift. By merging with this higher consciousness you place yourself within the flow of life giving energies. And by merging with those who have brought themselves up to Divine levels, a pathway to lift everyone is created. The awakening opens other hidden pathways for those who are living at a similar frequency life path to yours. This resonance creates Divine Harmony and Grace. May all be blessed with it accordingly.

    Bright blessings, Gwen in Menifee, California