Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Updates and Summary

Don't forget to move your clock forward one hour tonight if it applies to your area (see blog below on Daylight Saving Time).

It happened Friday .... 3/11/11 or 11/3/11

George wrote: It's always interesting when things happen on the 11th -- 11:11.

The sun is becoming active as we head to Solar Maximum [See bar graph above].

    Ongoing coronal mass ejections (CMEs) reach Earth effecting planetary magnetics, shifting ocean and jet stream currents in the Pacific Ring of Fire , creating unusual and extreme global weather patterns, creating unstoppable Earth changes, and affecting the behavior patterns of all sentient life forms.

Rick wrote: "I've really been hammered for the last five are all my other quake sensitive friends...and we all feel there is a helluva lot coming...probably with the super moon next Saturday, March 19th (Full Moon 28° Virgo). I really feel awful. I was up last night when the quake hit in Japan...couldn't sleep everything hurt so much."

    The energies of a full moon are felt 3 days before and after the aspect. Super Moon takes us to the Return of Nibiru Theories and alleged destruction that follows on the planet. It does seem to be happening doesn't it ... yet I don't see Nibiru. We all see what we're programmed to experience.

Remote Viewers: Check UFO activity, tectonic plate movements, Hollow Earth Theory, the presence of Nibiru, or anything else of interest.

    I see UFOs everywhere but not military or Grays, only those that monitor and control the hologram.

Gabe wrote: Uranus in Aries -- March 11, 2011 - May 15, 2018

Barbara dreamed Hawaii was underwater just before the tsunami. As the closing events are now all in the grid, many people will dream about them, or sense them one way or another as consciousness shifts between realities and end times events can easily be viewed. Many people dreamed about Japan as they do with all events that spike in the grid. Barbara and I also discussed the nuclear power plants in Japan and saw meltdown.

Fringe: Friday night as Walter and Nina discussed the destruction of both universes, it brought to mind the merging of science and science fiction at this time and how our collapsing reality is similar to what Fringe portrays. From negative destruction in the duality of physical reality, positive emerges.

Supervolcanoes in highly seismic areas :: Japan, New Zealand, Sumatra (Indonesia). Then there's Yellowstone. People who live in the area report seismic activity, yet I can't find a good article. For sure Yellowstone is becoming activity.

Places to watch:

Seismic waves from distant earthquakes could also trigger seismic events on the other side of the earth   PhysOrg - February 25, 2011

  8.9 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami CNN Ongoing Reports

  8.9 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami   AP Ongoing Reports

2011 Sendai Earthquake and Esunami   Wikipedia

Emotionally: You're going to feel it one way or another as emotions sweep over you like a giant tsunami influenced by the moon, solar activity, spikes in the grids, events in your life and the world ... anything could set you off, so please be careful. Be cool! Expect nothing from anyone, just do your thing and stay balanced. Don't let anyone piss you off ... walk away. Don't get overlystressed. Don'tlet others dictate your life ... be free. If your relationship is ending as we move into spring and people seek freedom, so be it. Whatever you do ... pause and see how your body is reacting emotionally, physically and spiritually at each turn. Trust your instincts as never before. You are projected illusion in a hologram here to experience end times at the highest level/frequency your soul has been programmed to reach in this experiment. Live it that way. Don't second guess what is NEXT. You won't be You anyway. Relax and find something to do with your time.

When a hologram closes, the grids that support it collapse - resulting in the destruction

of economic, political, social, religious, and geophysical systems within its matrix.