Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ellie and Rick -- Sunday Adventures in the Sandbox

You may remember my friend Rick who lives in Texas. The last time we played, the music box played for us at 1:44pm. Sunday morning, as we chatted on the phone, Rick suddenly said, "Ellie, a few drops of water jet fell on my legs. It is coming out of nowhere as if the ceiling was leaking, but it wasn't."

So now Rick and Ellie have manifested drops of water.

What came to mind was this image which I often see in my mind.

There are many messages one can conclude about water that comes out of nowhere. Flood stories? Flow of the collective unconscious (grid matrix)? Rick and I moving into a parallel reality? What do you think?

Rick says the image above means above and below merging. He looked online and someone who had a similar experience said it was linked to the oracle. That was curious as someone on Facebook told me that I am the oracle from the Matrix. (silly) Time to start baking chocolate chip cookies, but I hate cigarette smoke - it's all smoke and mirrors (illusion) anyway.