Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moving to the Next ...

People understand the multidimensional nature of reality and their soul's experiences in many realities happening simultaneously.

Now ponder this if you believe the hologram is not going to end but will reboot somewhere else. Some people believe that when this reality ends - ascends, shifts, evolves, whatever - they are going to a higher frequency reality where they live in love and light, etc. You may be one of those people still holding onto that thought. They believe they will continue on with the same name, etc. after they survive whatever is going to happen - or is the process of happening now.

So I ask you ... why does this aspect of their soul expression survive rather than any of the other roles they are playing? The answer is simple. They are programmed to believe in the continuity of this program and therefore do not worry about their other soul aspects.

At the end of the day, everything merges at zero point and becomes one ... all and everything. Don't be deceived by metaphysical constructs many of which have been created by wounded souls. If you see yourself in paradise, you may be viewing a parallel grid or something you need to see that brings comfort ... but know that all reunites at the end of time (the hologram) ... make no mistake about it .. we all return . to light. I know that's hard to understand and conceptualize if your programming hasn't reached a certain frequency yet, but I like to plant a seed in the human consciousness grid, that in one instance you may need to reference at closure.

Nuclear Power Plant Plots Everywhere

There's lots in the news about nuclear power plants, not just in Japan, but around the world. With that in mind, I watched the TV show "The Event" Monday night and thought it an interesting synchronicity that the plot also dealt with a nuclear power plant and the potential for meltdown. That must be in the grid.

    We find out that antagonist Thomas is not only responsible for the Manhattan Project, he¹s also responsible for the Chernobyl disaster. The disaster, apparently, was caused when Thomas, with the help of an alien named Hanson, attempted to steal the plant's uranium rods using a wormhole. Instead, there was a meltdown, and on top of the other horrors, Hanson was horribly disfigured in the process. The episode's best moment comes when Hanson dives his fingers underneath his own skin and painfully removes a receiver from his jaw.

It reminded me of the Fringe shape shifters.

    Now Thomas has apparently employed the help of Hanson to try his luck at the heist yet again, this time planning to steal the uranium from a plant outside of San Diego. The plot is incredibly silly, yet in an alternate reality I could imagine this being a fun bit, where sociopath Thomas is so arrogant and so fixated on accomplishing his mission that he's willing to endanger the entire western United States by reattempting something that has already ended in such disaster. And pulling poor mutant Hanson back in for more torment would be all the more deliciously evil.

    And yet the (oddly timely) idea of a nuclear meltdown is discarded nearly as quickly as it's brought up. It is barely given enough development to be a red herring--it¹s just another one of Thomas' half-baked ploys that manages to dupe the United States of America. Fearing a meltdown, President Martinez takes Sophia's advice of transporting the uranium, employing a comically tiny convoy to do so. Thomas easily attacks the convoy and steals the uranium without much trouble. Whatever threat that could have loomed over the episode dissipates before it has a chance to fully materialize. Sure, Thomas is still intending to use the uranium to power his warp gate to bring over an army of aliens to wipe out humanity, but that's far too vague and intangible to create any tension in this episode.