Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Aegean

Once we head out to the Aegean Sea (of consciousness) - we go to Santorini (Thera) - Plato's Theories of Atlantis - Antarctica, the Piri Reis Map, the Theory of Crustal Displacement advanced civilizations that once lived on Earth, Ancient Alien Theory and all grids related that seem to be closing in. Bear in mind these are all programs in a grid (subroutines in a simulation) that is about to blip out of existence.

If only people understood the nature of reality as a holographic study of emotions. FYI ... as we get ready to leave here ... and time grows close ... we are NOT anchoring in a new Earth or anything else corny like that some people are programed to believe. It's all over like the experiences in the film "Inception" created by the minds (consciousness) of the architects that end when they wake up.

Earthquake in Crete

On Friday morning, while reading a client in Alabama, we discussed earthquakes that are now global in end times. I mentioned to her that Europe has been quiet but to watch out for Greece.

Strong 6.2 quake strikes Crete   AP - April 1, 2011

A strong earthquake struck the southern Greek island of Crete Friday, rattling buildings as far away as Egypt and Turkey. Local police said they had no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 and struck off the southern coast of Crete at 4:29 p.m. (1329 GMT, 8:29 EDT), the Athens Geological Institute and the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany, said. The U.S. Geological Survey gave a slightly lower preliminary magnitude of 5.9. Magnitudes recorded by geological institutes often differ.


Over in Wyoming - Yellowstone territory - they had a 4.1 on 4.1.11.

Current Earthquake Activity USGS

Check out some of the other earthquakes ...

While doing the radio show with Mr. Emoto, you may have noticed that I never stated that I believe meditations, global or otherwise, will change the water from radioactive to pure. Scientifically it is impossible .. as Mr. Emoto asked why science does not go along with his theories.. The program is locked and loaded and good to go.

Saturday in the news ..

Radioactive water leaks from crippled Japan plant   AP - April 2, 2011

Highly radioactive water spilled into the ocean from a tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant Saturday as Japan's prime minister surveyed the damage in a town gutted by the wave. The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex has been spewing radioactivity since March 11, when a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and ensuing wave knocked out power, disabling cooling systems and allowing radiation to seep out of the overheating reactors. Authorities said the leak they identified Saturday could be the source of radioactivity found in coastal waters in recent days