Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Play

Spring always brings changes and with that a need to be free - especially as it applies to the workplace. No one wants to work anymore. Everyone wants to get out and play - but not 'little play' ... this is about 'big play'- doing something they've always wanted to do..

There are external and internal driving forces to that end, one of them being the close of of our consciousness simulation. The need is to get out, see the world, and explore interesting options. All have the freedom of choice about their lives and their finances if careful with spending. Further, all have the ability to get a job after time away, or actually plan a change in career if it comes along.

If affordable, people are retiring early, so with plans, others without. People I know who formerly loved their hectic high paying jobs, now tell me they are boring and offer no challenges. It certainly is restless out there.

Recent examples.

    Peter, the teacher next door, wants to see Europe, after finishing his masters in May, leaving this summer. Many other teachers I know are taking a one year Sabbatical, some telling me they may not be available in the years ahead.

    Another male neighbor, age 32, told me he quit his accounting job after 10 years and has no idea where he wants to go - just that needs to take a year off. He has actually spent the past few weeks working as a movie extra and loving it because he gets to meet hot girls.

    Another neighbor is taking 6-12 months off from his job to travel and decided if he wants to live in the city anymore as his company has offices around the world.

    A friend has decided to work part time and 4-day weekends away. Full time work has too many pressures.

What's interesting is that all of these people are not worried about money, planning carefully. They do not adhere to the metaphysical philosophy that you can always manifest it as witnessed by the changes since the recession began. They simple have enough money to take time off for personal reasons and have that 'now or never' feeling. FYI, none of them have serious emotional challenges or addiction issues.