Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where are you coming from?

From a Facebook friend in Australia about their Earth Changes

You believe as you are programmed.

Which group do you belong to or do you agree with me - it's all a biogenetic experiment - a hologram?

    Hi Ellie,

    It is so wet here... never have such recorded falls of rain and storms happened. Very unusual for Australia. If talking to the general population, they believe that all the flooding and storms are because of climate change. If you are talking to spiritual persons, they are saying that it is about transformation and change in the flow of the Universe. If you are talking to religious people, they talk about end times.

Theories and More Theories ... They will accelerate in end times.

While doing the radio show with Mr. Emoto, you may have noticed that I never stated that I believe meditations, global or otherwise, will change the water from radioactive to pure. Scientifically it is impossible. Mr. Emoto asked why science does not go along with his theories. In 'physical' reality, one must have 'physical' proof and clearly last week was a failed attempt. We are not programmed to cure things, just to deal with them.

Misconception: When one moves into higher consciousness, there a tendency to believe they control the program with their thoughts as it is all a consciousness hologram. This is not true, just something the program allows people who need to find personal power, to believe, especially in end times. It's all frequency and harmonics. To raise frequency is one thing. Then to maintain that frequency in daily life, is another. At the end of the day ... it's going to hit the fan and everybody has a sense of it.

So what do you do if you 'get it' and people start asking questions. This is your call. Be truthful in a non assertive way. You are planting a seed, that's all you can do. Their grid programming has to align with the real deal.

Last June, when I interviewed Sylvia Browne, she said the tectonic plates would stop breaking, not so, but I didn't argue as she sees continuity like most metaphysical people, especially those whose back stories are about overcoming obstacles. Some are stuck in their back stories to give life purpose.

People are programmed to believe that the program will self correct, or the good vs. bad alien (gods) theories in duality will win out, or whatever. None of that is so. Physical reality is ending and there is no anchoring in of another Earth. I guess that helps others overcome fear, but what a surprise they'll have to know that this part of the illusion.

Here's a good place to visit when you have time -- Ancient Aliens History Channel - YouTube. My favorite show had to do with alien-human hybrids and flood stories all of which gives meaning to what is going on now, if you are playing in the hologram. It basically states that aliens create human hybrids, study them, then wipe them out, saving the most advanced, evolving their DNA to higher and higher levels, then watching the programs unfold ... flood stories ... start again. There are so many metaphors here I could go on and on.. "Gods and Aliens"

Triggering End Time Myths

Do you believe you lived in Atlantis (the Atlantean grid)? Were you a teacher, healer, priest, record keeper, crystal worker? Did you travel off-planet? Have you been getting information from that grid in this timeline? Does it speak of catastrophic end times? Did you drown, escape in a UFO with Tehuti/Thoth to go on to another program? Did you live in love and light (doubtful in any physical program)? Does the earthquake in Crete and surrounding areas trigger something for you? Are the grids aligning between Atlantis and Earth 2012? Are the heavens aligning? Are we finally advanced to see the truth and close the program? Yes!

The Aegean Sea - takes us to Santorini (Thera) - mythical Atlantis - Antarctica, the Piri Reis Map, the Theory of Crustal Displacement advanced civilizations that once lived on Earth, Ancient Alien Theory ... etc.

If memory serves - the Dardanelles ... Submarine Volcano Marsili ... the Strait of Gibraltar ... and all grids connected ... are aligning for closure. Bear in mind these are all programs in a grid (subroutines in a simulation) that is about to blip out of existence. The time grows close to leave.