Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Shut Down

The big story of the day ... We should know by the end of today. Could this have a surprise result or is it just more drama with the Mad Hatter and the Tea Party? Obama's hair gets grayer by the day.

What happens if the government closes its doors?   AP - April 6, 2011

With the prospect of a federal government shutdown looming ever closer--the current continuing resolution runs through April 8--politicians in both parties are sounding the alarm about the perils that may lie ahead. The 17 government shutdowns since 1977 have all been blips on the radar, with the longest lasting 21 days, from December 15, 1995, to January 6, 1996. So what really happens when the government is shuttered? Not much. During the 21-day shutdown, less than 15 percent of the federal workforce was actually idled.

Government museums close; people can't apply for passports; tourism takes a hit. But the Office of Management and Budget, which set the basic rules for shutdowns back in 1981, stipulates that agencies continue to conduct essential activities "to protect life and property."

How We Communicate

Friends and I often talk about the way people communicate these days - no longer using a phone, but by texting or email - voicemail often a thing of the past for many.

Back in the day, I would receive lots of postal mail each day, but not anymore. Everything is electronic - from business to personal - with few exceptions. Many days I don't go to the mailbox at all.

In 2010, I bought the Samsung Epic and really enjoy it, but don't use it the way the average person on the go does, as I work from home. These phones are computers and are very cool.

Though most people love to get email and text all day, at my age, and busy schedule, I find it too time consuming when I could talk to the person on the phone and take care of business far more quickly and efficiently that way. FYI -- Since I started this blog, I was interrupted by 4 business emails that needed my immediate attention.

Now let's talk about clients. They generally make payment, send me an email and want to know my availability. My availability? When? I find it a waste of my time trying to coordinate their appointment that way ... back and forth in emails when I'm busy with other things ... when a simple call is all that is needed and everyone is happy.

What is great about text messages are, they are very short. Yeah! Some people still send me long emails about whatever, when I never read past the second sentence, unless business, and reply as if a text. That makes texting most efficient. So for me it's a phone call or a very short email or text.

Not sure what your life is like, but times are changing and everything is moving faster.

When clients are here and we use my computer, we often talk about my blogs. Many tell me they prefer them short and succinct, as they have little time to read, or only get to read them on weekends.

I enjoy blogging, working on Crystalinks, but not email unless very short and the subject matches the text in the email. FYI - I currently publish three blogs most days -- Ellie's World, Crystalinks Home Page, and Crystalinks Ezine, then there's archiving and cross referencing. I'm getting tired. Time to cut back, go out and play in the spring, and start texting.