Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday is April 4, 2011
or 4.4.4

Campus Real Estate

In 2009, I read a man who is involved in real estate for off campus living (east coast) and had done very well over the decades. With the real estate market in trouble, he came to talk about a piece of property near a college campus that has come available and is well suited for students. I told him to go ahead and purchase it. He did and has returned to thank me and have another reading. At the end of the day, this is still a good place to put your money. Students need a college degree and a place to live away from home.

In today's world we know the importance of a college education (continuing education) as high school, unless specialized, does not prepare students for a career. As a former high school teacher, I would completely change curriculum designing it to today's world and allowing students to train in whatever field they might want to explore.

Did you know that many of the career options students will seek after high school and college, haven't been created yet? Students, more than anyone, understand the rapid changes in the world.

With campus living .. some students study better living alone, others like roommates, and as some things never change ... it's always about sex, drugs and rock and roll ... some get it .. some don't ... but most do.

Getting an off campus apartment (if your college allows it) is an appealing option for many college students. However, living outside of the university system has its advantages and disadvantages, freedoms and responsibilities. Know yourself ... know your child.

My children lived on campus as undergraduates, then lived off-campus while taking their masters. Like me, it was all complete by age 21 then on with a career and life.

If you're in that age group, and thinking about marriage ... ask yourself ... "Is this the last person I am going to sleep with?"

Ellie's Corner

I need a section of this blog where I address my theories with those not stuck in the grid. We begin here.

We know we're not here. We are outside the program, playing a 'game' with others of like mind. We place inserts into the program and play with time. Characters move in and out of the game. What would the goal be? Knowledge? experience?

In the beginning ... the consciousness program created what we call aliens who created humans in a hierarchy (chain) of events, humanity least aware. Aliens as creators is one of many theories, though not exactly true.

Aliens live among us. They visit here. 'We' created 'them'.