Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Shut Down - Part II

  GOP seeks 1-week extension as gov't shutdown looms   AP - April 7, 2011


Is this the 11th hour reprieve I saw? I wonder how many people would love to change the way our government is run ... mostly to get to the truth ... about everything. It would be like getting rid of Zahi and finally having to freedom to explore secrets that go back for centuries if not millennia. There is a connection between ancient Egypt and our political system. Shut it down and go beyond WikiLeaks.

    So what happens to human consciousness if they discover they are projected illusion in a hologram? The hologram stops because souls understand. Next ....

Meanwhile back in Simulation 2011 ... Imagine the governments shutting down and we get into the real Vatican secrets (get rid of Berlusconi), Area 51 and other facilities, sending back images and videos through the Internet which explain the truth about the simulation. How suppressed and intimated are we, that in 2011 we can't take a stand and do it? I think I dislike government hypocrisy as much as religious mind control. Sadly we are genetically encoded as a malevolent race, and not capable of successfully ruling the world. That all ends soon.

Now consider this ... throughout time people believed in all things religious that guided and controlled them. Today people believe in concepts like anchoring in a new Earth, and other metaphysical misconceptions. Their gods are white light beings, aliens, angels, ascended masters, other, who will guide them to love and light. Ridiculous. More busy work.

What if ... this group's consciousness (car, vehicle) evolves higher and higher and suddenly reaches an END where all they saw were the grids, like in The 13th Floor? Surprise !! Time to wake up from the simulation.


Two Syfy series are using the 'simulation theme' -- characters knowing they are caught up in a simulation. Monday night on Stargate Universe, in an episode called "Seizure", Dr. Rush enters a simulation where his deceased girlfriend's conscious has been stored. Hey .. even a simulation needs stimulation.

On an upcoming Sanctuary, the cast is trapped in a simulation that appears linked to WWII (got the message). The end of the clip is like the wake-up moments in The Thirteenth Floor where the main characters wake up in the simulation chamber after realizing it's not real.

At the end of the video Vincent D¹Onofrio asks, "What did you do to the world?"

Craig Bierko replies, "Turned it off."

This is what I have always believed I am here to do. Every day I feel more disconnected from events in the program as if a fading memory. We are close to ending our simulation. When I see people rushing about, it's almost like they know it's going to end and they want to have their last experiences, or to complete their Karma .. now definitely an outdated concept. Look at Charlie Sheen. I haven't blogged about him, but he is either the world's best actor, or he is in the throes of a breakdown after substance abuse. What's sad is how people keep wanting more.


Thursday morning I woke up with a start and looked at the clock on the night stand: 4:22. Falling back to sleep, I heard, "Write this down." Ellie scribbling in the dark. "4:22 is a date not a time. Something big is going to happen and no one will see it coming." I fell back to sleep my writing pad and pencil falling to the floor. We shall see.