Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Democratic National Convention

We have arrived at the DNC where nominees stand up before the nation and lie about what is, what they will do, and why we should vote for them. No one takes any of this seriously anymore, yet there appears to be nothing to do by ride the wave. Reality is, and has always been, about money and power - hidden agendas and revelations - and who is really in control. It certainly isn't Obama and company who make their case this week. Four years later, and a lot wiser, we know who to believe (no one) and have a better feel for how the games are played. Four years ago this month the recession began ... the move towards closure on all levels ... the burnout to the "flood" of information we would come to realize by 2012. Hope? It's in our programming, but a hard commodity to come by these days in any market. Things have to crash for humans to 'get it'. The DNC will end, people will return to their daily lives, and the nation will have to listen to two more months of campaigning - certainly a harsh and cruel punishment we do not deserve.

The world will watch the EU as it crashes and wonder how and when things improve. Obama will present yet another New Vision about jobs and prosperity to be created over the next four years, but in an age of technology, where the people exchange insights and opinions easily, most will ask, "What can he do in the future that he couldn't do in the past?". And so it all goes back to hope for if all else fails, what will become of life on planet Earth? Keep your life simple and uncomplicated and brace for impact in the final chapter.

Hope is the biggest lie there is, and it is the best. We have to keep going as if it all mattered, or else we wouldn't keep going at all. - Other great quotes by Allie Keys in Taken. Allie was the end result of a biogenetic experiment created by the gray alien over 5 decades beginning in WWII. Many things started in that timeline that link to - and reflect - the inception of this program from the beginning. We have all played many roles, living and dying as we experienced along the way.

From Ellie .... Pause ... Look outside your window.

Open your mind. Look beyond the sky.

Look beyond today and yourself.

Feel your consciousness expand.

That is what's next.