Friday, September 14, 2012

Oversea Drama

Overseas dramas continue with ongoing investigations into events of 9/11/12 - causes and effects. As viewers of the events in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, among other countries in the Middle East and Africa - we process much differently than in the past. There is the reported story - the back story - and the real story in its various forms - as variables always exist.

What do we know? Conspiracy theorists or not - we know everyone is being lied to about pretty much everything. This is the very foundation of reality. It's purpose - to keep players in the game without realizing the ultimate truth - it is all an illusion, set in time. This is how soap operas play out - lies and deception. You know the fate of the soaps in the US - the bubble burst. There are only 4 soaps remaining and they will probably be canceled. Why? Because the plots have all been exhausted and the viewers are bored. Our reality soap should be called ... these are the "Days of Our Lies."

How sad it must be if you believe in religion and government to sustain the program. Today, in the energies of the New Moon and the High Holy days of the Hebrew calendar, there is sadness for the people in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and other countries who recognize that the old ways don't work and now is the time to fight for freedom.

Those souls have precognitive dreams, just as you do, and also see end times in the kaleidoscope of events that stream past our consciousness on all levels of reality. They have psychic abilities, just as you do, and know something is very wrong and life is changing on many levels. If they are lucky, they have the Internet to help them put the pieces of the puzzle together.

They also live in the old ways ... as do you ... waiting for a Wow Event that will shake the world and change everything permanently. It's all in the collective unconsciousness in which we all share a journey rising from the same source (phoenix, flame, Leo) and returning there now (water, flood, Scorpio). Something big is going to happen in Scorpio .

Can the Old be fixed? People think it can, but no one has an answer about how that will happen. Even as you sit there reading this, you believe our political and economic systems will magically fix themselves and the natural disasters will stop. You believe in the genie (gene) in the bottle (time capsule) to fix things because historically that has been the case. Not this time.

Scorpio is rising.

Close your eyes. Enter the place of Initiation (Music File)