Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Game of Politics
Bad Calls

Eyes on the UN today as President Obama speaks about anti-America sentiment around the world ... among other things. Does the game of politics look more and more ridiculous to you in end times? Do you wonder what the players saying behind closed doors as you know it's not what they tell the public? Do you wonder what part Hillary and Bill have had in international relations - professionally and personally?

Also, in town and due to speak at the UN Wednesday is the president of Iran Ahmadinejad - but look out Israel on Yom Kippur as Iran has a nuclear program aimed your way whether he admits it or not. All you need is a few clients in Israel and in the Mossad to know where this is going - or maybe you're just psychic enough to figure it out on your own. The feeling is simple ... life cannot go on the way it has been until now. We are sitting on many international powder kegs. Whatever happens is going to go global and everyone knows it. It's a total domino effect. Fade to Black.

NFL Ref Strike and Bad Calls

Have you been following events since the NFL Refs strike? Talk about people going crazy and bad decision making. Let's settle this now boys before someone gets hurt. There's millions riding on these games. I have to watch Leno on this.

A Strike to End NFL's Official Nonsense   Real Clear Sports - September 25, 2012
The NFL changed its tone this week, calling out - and even fining - players and coaches for the incompetence of their replacement refs. A league that uses improperly screened, poorly trained replacement refs and then criticizes its employees when they dare complain has a problem with hubris.

The Refs Strike again   New Yorker - September 25, 2012
Last night's Packers-Seahawks game ended in outright controversy. Russell Wilson, Seattle's quarterback, dropped back at the twenty-six-yard line, then kept dropping back, curled around, and finally released the ball from the thirty-nine. This was not the longest of Hail Marys, but considering this would be the game's last play, and the Seahawks needed to score a touchdown, it was plenty long enough to be very improbable.