Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Week of the Messenger

Tuesday, when I spent the day with Sherry celebrating her birthday. We talked about many things, including the fall of the global economy and no way to fix it. My female friends are all professionals, super smart, not mentally unstable, and understand global affairs. Sherry said several things that I have heard from all of my friends - who range in age from their 50's, 60's and school friends now turning 70 - are all in good health - yet on their birthdays this year. have this overriding sense of mortality. They seriously think they are going to die soon, and don't know where the feeling is coming from. Each one asked me if I think about my death, and to tell you the truth, the thought never crossed my mind. Die? Not in the traditional sense.

And so I explained to each one about the hologram and they listened politely, processed, then responded, but not in a condescending way. They had questions and shared dreams about end times. They have no other friends who have the same belief system as I do. To paraphrase what they each told me, "I have known since I met you that you were here to do something special, so maybe this is it."

Sherry, my best friend since 7th grade, sited all sorts of stories about the things I have done during our experiences as friends. Other friends also share stories of fun with their psychic friend Ellie. We laugh about it, but there is a deeper understanding of how our lives unfolded and why we are connected. Sherry summed it up best when we parted on Tuesday. She looked me in the eye and said, "You are the messenger." I replied, "The messenger was Mercury or Hermes, who is Thoth who is Z and so the story was told." We both laughed in a knowing way (yes, she knows about Z ... they all do) ... making plans to meet for my birthday in February ... maybe. (laugh)

What does a nice Jewish girl do on Yom Kippur?

George and I used my iPad to have some fun and make this video.

Thursday: Among the emails I received about the video is this one from a friend on Facebook and reader of this blog named Kristin.

Subject: Powerful video presentation today!

Hey Ellie.

I think it's the ultra honesty and lack of phony entertainment value 'effect' that makes your video with George so refreshing. And powerful. Hence, in the end, so imminently believable. Ellie, thanks. Now I have something to show those people in my life who don't/won't 'go there' with me, because, like you, I just wish everyone understood that all the personal and collective 'baggage' weighing us down here on earth cannot be allowed to rule our consciousness anymore. You can't take it with you, as they say. So thanks for helping us embrace whatever freedom is still possible in the now, no matter what our programming, instead of waiting one minute longer. After all, why wait..

Listen for it, right?


warm regards as ever --!