Saturday, September 1, 2012

Something's Up !?!

Saturday - I updated the blog below, starting with my lucid dream as I seemed to have overlooked several connecting facts, when first posted. There's no escaping the fact that something big is going to happen soon. I also archived the revised file and saved to desktop. When I went to put it in the 2012 folder ... the file was gone... seriously. I searched Crystalinks and laughed when I discovered it was in a folder called "Dylan" about my grandson - who was still in spirit when he came to me be in the Great Pyramid on 12/12/2000. Dylan references Dilmun and the Annunaki or gods who allegedly created this program. We are indeed coming full circle.

From Ellie on the other side of the bridge

September 3, 2012 - Labor Day in the US

  Burning Man Live Video

Dragon*Con sci-fi fun

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Clint Eastwood's speech reminds us that everything is scripted and can't be changed.

Eastwood, the empty chair and the speech everyone's talking about   CNN - August 31, 2012

For your amusement September 4-6 -- the 2012 Democratic National Convention

The stress of work is killing people.

  New Jersey Shopping Plaza Shootout Leaves Three Dead   Yahoo - August 31, 2012
Three people died early this morning, including an alleged gunman who apparently killed himself, after a shooting inside a New Jersey shopping plaza.

Many people talk about geomagnetic reversals. Here's another reversal ... or is it a 'rehearsal' for what's coming ...

Hurricane Isaac 'drove Mississippi River backwards'   BBC - August 31, 2012
The storm surge ahead of Hurricane Isaac made the Mississippi River run backwards for 24 hours. US Geological Survey (USGS) instruments at Belle Chasse in Louisiana recorded the flow of the river, finding it running in reverse on Tuesday.

End Time Lucid Dream With Ralph

Wednesday August 29, 2012 (Updated)

I had a strange wake-up dream. I was with my ex-husband Ralph - now deceased but who visits the family often. We were driving somewhere in his white Cadillac Escalade pick-up truck. Ralph and I had several Cadillacs back in the day, but this was a late model to help me to identify the timeline. Ralph also believed in buying white or light colored cars so other drivers can see you better in the dark.

It started as a sunny nice day of fun as we laughed and drove along. We stopped for lunch somewhere over a bridge. Walking into what I thought was a roadside diner, the energies became strange, like being in the twilight zone, especially as Ralph seemed to know some of the people there.

Returning from the restroom, the dream became lucid and I remembered that Ralph had died and something was off. I panicked ... grabbed my black leather bag (the one I use from September - May) ... ran out the door as Ralph told me not to be afraid of what was going to happen.

My current white Lexus SUV was waiting for me outside. As I drove away, I looked back. It was like the scene from the film 2012 when John Cusack and his family were driving away as everything collapsed behind them because of an earthquake - or the closing scene from the film Inception when the buildings collapsed into the sea, which I quickly recognized as a metaphor created by my mind for what was coming.

I stopped the car when I saw a red brick building crumbling into the ocean ... realizing it was my current home. Then I remembered Ralph telling me not to be afraid, so I watched as things collapsed, knowing it was all just a dream - a film fading to black. Then I woke up.