Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

August 31, 2012

Full Moon 8° Pisces (Blue Moon)

Friday Facts and Fantasies

Clint Eastwood is an actor and reminds us that everything in life is scripted.

Eastwood, the empty chair and the speech everyone's talking about   CNN - August 31, 2012

Why Clint's speech is no surprise   CNN - August 31, 2012

7.9 quake hits off Philippines   CNN - August 31, 2012
An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.9 has struck off the coast of the Philippines, the U.S. Geological Survey said Friday. The quake was about 20 miles deep, the agency said.

I have many clients in Old Bridge, NJ

  New Jersey Shopping Plaza Shootout Leaves Three Dead   Yahoo - August 31, 2012
Three people died early this morning, including an alleged gunman who apparently killed himself, after a shooting inside a New Jersey shopping plaza.Police in New Jersey responded to shots inside a Pathmark supermarket on Route 9 in Old Bridge, N.J., at 4 a.m.

Many people talk about the magnetic poles reversing now. Here's another reversal ... or is it a 'rehearsal' for what's coming ...

Hurricane Isaac 'drove Mississippi River backwards'   BBC - August 31, 2012
The storm surge ahead of Hurricane Isaac made the Mississippi River run backwards for 24 hours. US Geological Survey (USGS) instruments at Belle Chasse in Louisiana recorded the flow of the river, finding it running in reverse on Tuesday. The flow reached nearly 5,200 cubic metres per second (182,000 cubic feet per second) upriver, with a height of nearly 3m (10ft) above average. Normal flow is about 3,540 cubic metres per second in the opposite direction.

Many people in the US are heading out for the three-day weekend, the official end of summer. Enjoy

  Burning Man Live Video This website took me to an article about Brooklyn-ization. Every year Brooklyn becomes more upscale, cleaner, and has more to offer, especially for those who can't afford to live in - or want to get way from - Manhattan. This mostly applies to communities just outside of the city - reachable by train in 15 minutes.

For sci-fi buffs there's Dragon Con in Atlanta. Dragon Con   Wikipedia

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