Sunday, August 19, 2012

On the matter of
end time scenarios ...

Yes, they are endless and one is as good as the next in a hologram. December 21, 2012 still resonates as a metaphor for closure but as time is an illusion and all other predicted dates in the past have been wrong, it's best to go with your instincts and what's happening in the world to know when the hologram ends - which happens out of the blue. Will there be an ELE (extinct level event)? Anything is possible ... probably .. and can all happen simultaneously. I blogged about a CME on Thursday morning posted below the link to Whitley's latest blog. Read on ...

If the World Ends, What Then?   Whitley Streiber - August 16, 2012
There are now a number of plausible end-of-the-world scenarios, enough to justify thinking seriously, and in a new way, what such an event might mean to us. It's easy to say, oh, well, that's it, then, we'll just be gone. That might not be the whole story. Before I discuss why I think that, I'd like to run through a few of these scenarios. I'll begin by saying that December 21, 2012 isn't one of them. Whether or not this date has any large significance is not presently clear. There is a lot of change taking place and it might, but if there was a world-ending mechanism involved, we would almost certainly see some indications of it by now.

There are three primary scenarios that we really do need to be concerned about: changes in the sun; the collapse of earth's magnetic field; and climate change. Any one of these factors could lead to an extinction event on earth, and if one takes place, we are going to bear the brunt of it. The reason is that we are large and very numerous, and therefore dependent on a stable planetary environment. If it is changed too much, we enter into an unrecoverable decline.