Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Quckies

Diana Nyad

Wednesday on the Today Show, Savannah Guthrie interviewed endurance swimmer Diana Nyad who was pulled from the water Tuesday morning, prematurely ending her attempted Cuba-to-Florida swim for the fourth time. In vivid detail, Diana described a litany of dangers she encountered along the way, the worse part the pain after being bitten repeatedly by jellyfish, her lips and tongue becoming increasingly swollen overnight. There was hypothermia, sharks and other predators to consider, not to mention powerful waves, and lightning and thunder storms. For a woman in my age group, I don't know how she got as far as she did.

Diana is openly gay. On July 8, 2011, the U.S. gay sports website CompeteNetwork reported on her plans for the 2011 Cuba-to-Florida swim, writing that "the amazing Diana Nyad is a living legend in the swim world, and a role model for the GLBT community." In 2011, she told a reporter that, in contrast to her youth, her drive as a swimmer is no longer propelled by attempts to work through anger manifested from the sexual abuse she suffered as a teenager.

This has been a summer of athletes - some successful - others not - all training hard towards their goals, sacrificing much. Diana Nyad said today,

    "Quitting was devastating. On the other hand, it's like life, isn't it? We don't always get what we want. All of our dreams don't always come true. If we dream big - a larger than life dream - the extreme dream - maybe we realize it can't be done. I just know that I can look back without any regrets."

Diana thanked her team who worked hard over the past three years saying there are always losses. Yes, there are Diana ... but in the end, it's about the journey and what we gain from each experience. It's powerful to win and to also discover how we react to loss - each time softening the blow for what comes next based on one's programming. If people understood the program, life would be so easy. You shouldn't feel you let yourself or others down - you just experience and move on chalking each event up as experience. Always think, I was programmed to ........ and it turned out ...... Have an alternate plan or trust your programming will bring one. Don't over think or beat yourself up if you fail, or don't get what you want just think, My programming sucked then move on with style. If you chose to become reclusive after too many defeats, that's okay too, as you will find ways to keep busy.

As to Diana, her issues reflect the lives of many people around the world. I don't believe she is going to make the swim again, and who would blame her.

Speaking of Florida, there's a storm headed that way just in time for the 2012 Republican National Convention. That and the Akin fiasco should make life very interesting next week.

August 22, 1949

Diana Nyad

  Diana Nyad Google Videos

Diana Nyad is an American author, journalist, and long-distance
swimmer noted for her world-record endurance championships.

I'm not a quitter, but the sport and this particular ocean are different than they used to be.
These jellyfish are prolific. And, you know what? To me, there's no joy in that.

Diana Nyad - August 21, 2012

In my wake-up dream on Tuesday, someone was telling me to keep updated on the news, once we get to Virgo Transition on Thursday. It's never boring.

In college? back to school? Be sure your major allows you to find a job once you graduate.

The video on the economy was sent by Gabe and makes lots of sense. You can't live in denial that reality will fix itself - the zipper is opening........

The DNA Zipper Effect

Represents Time Travel to Me

Your brain is an electrochemical machine that processes with binary code
creating the illusion of linear time. This is the journey of your DNA.

DNA: The Molecule that Defines You   NASA - August 21, 2012

Good video [Total time 3:05] -- DNA as a biochemical machine [Begins 1:50]

M. C. Escher

The brain (consciousness), spiraling DNA, and the art of Escher

Ancestor Syndrome and Genetic Memory