Friday, August 24, 2012

Here we go again...

Can you imagine what would happen if (or when) the economy collapses if one man who went this crazy after losing his job. In 1989 I had my first discussion ever about the close of the program was with a friend named Deja. We both saw martial law and the collapse of everything - the dominoes are falling.

End Times ... First Colorado, then Wisconsin ... now Manhattan ... Friday at 9:00 ... remember I was told to pay attention to the news in Virgo. As of this blog, there appears to be no evidence of terrorism. At Least 4 Shot Outside Empire State Building; Suspect Dead   NBC - August 24, 2012 -- The crazed gunman was killed by the NYPD. Lots of chaos in and around the area. 2 dead.

Passing by ...

When two people who were very close,
die within a short time of each other,
does that mean their souls were quantumly entangled?

On Monday, I posted about the death of Phyllis Diller who said,
"In recent years I died several times and never saw a white light."
About the white (projector) light ... some see it ... others don't, or don't remember.

It's all a consciousness grid experience. Make the most of it.

Back in Ellie's World - a new client pattern has emerged - male clients dying of cancer who come for a reading. In the past, seriously ill or terminal patients rarely had readings - so I have to wonder -- what has changed in the consciousness of the human equation? For one thing, people are far more open to learning about life after death which can turn into a discussion about reality and the hologram. They also ask about deceased loved ones who might be waiting to take them over or just to connect with them as a catharsis. Then, there is the matter of what route they should take in terms of treatment and remission, should that happen. There's lots to discuss. At the end of the day, all of the men, and others who have overcome cancer for now, come away with a game plan and greater understanding about their lives and destinies. Dying is scary... but living can be scarier. Is there something else I missed about this pattern? I'm not sure.