Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brawley Seismic Zone

The Brawley Seismic Zone (BSZ), also known as the Brawley fault zone, is a predominantly extensional tectonic zone that connects the southern terminus of the San Andreas Fault with the Imperial Fault in Southern California. The BSZ is named for the nearby town of Brawley in Imperial County, California. In August 2012 near Brawley, a swarm of more than 300 small to moderate earthquakes occurred with the largest two reaching a maximum of 5.3 and 5.5. Some light cosmetic damage was found on some older buildings in downtown Brawley. Earthquake swarms are not unusual for the area. In 2005, also near Brawley, there was a swarm with a peak magnitude of 5.1, while in 1981 a swarm included one quake which was measured at 5.8. According to a geologist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS), such swarms are typical for the Brawley zone: "The area sees lots of events at once, with many close to the largest magnitude, rather than one main shock with several much smaller aftershocks." The swarm activity is not understood completely, but the new restlessness could generate data that will help scientists to gain a better understanding of the region.

Thursday August 30, 2012

This morning I woke up physical singing the chorus to Get Ready -- "Get ready, get ready .... Get ready 'cause here I come". "Get Ready" is a Motown song written by Smokey Robinson, originally recorded by The Temptations in 1966, then by Rare Earth in 1970, among others. As I have no romantic interest at the moment, I thought it was funny. I also thought about my other rock n' roll adventures with Z this month - Over the Mountain.

I guess I will soon know what I have to get ready for.


Ron recommended a website called Pinterest where you click on images of things you like and meet people of like mind - no fee - no typing - just join. Have a look.

We are in the energies of a Full Moon 8° Pisces - Blue Moon - see 2 new images below.

It's the last official weekend of summer as many people in the US head out starting Friday, or as early as today, returning Monday night. Have fun.

Over in Black Rock Desert, Burning Man continues. Live Video

For sci-fi buffs there's Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Dragon Con   Wikipedia

Tropical storm Isaac is slowly moving across the country so watch the weather to see if and when it will affect your area. It is still accompanied by heavy winds, rain, and a few tornados. Here in the city all looks well until Tuesday.

Last night in pre-season football the NY Giants beat the NE Patriots (6-3). I only watched the last 5 minutes so got to see the Giants win.

Politics - About the RNC - everything is predictable. Tea Party influences