Monday, August 6, 2012

The Madness Continues ...

There's no way to excuse the insanity on the planet that makes no sense to the average person. By now, you should know the underlying causes (grid collapse) and that in end times, they will unfortunately accelerate. Sometimes, you can be prepared - but most of the time chaos comes out of the blue as is the nature of our reality, and so it shall be when it ends. As to an end-time date - you probably sense it close at hand - but as was told to me by Z last week - it happens out of the blue and into the black in a nano-second when you will remember everything. Don't let December 21, 2012 be your final guide as it is - like everything else - a metaphor. Trust your instincts and what is evolving within the hologram - but don't be paranoid - be cautious. The people of planet Earth are becoming more psychic every day - therefore evolution and close of the consciousness hologram is now a collective thought.

As to Sikh Temples here in the city - there's extra security - but no trouble expected. Police in Brooklyn are busy investigating the murders of two local shopkeepers in July and August in local Bensonhurst. Police say both victims were shot with a .22-caliber gun in the head or neck. They also say both men were Egyptian immigrants and operated businesses with addresses that contained the same numbers: one, eight and seven.

2012 Milwaukee Oak Creek Shooting   Wikipedia

CNN has ongoing coverage of the events in Milwaukee on Sunday.

  Source: Wisconsin temple shooting   CNN - August 6, 2012
The gunman who shot six people to death and wounded three others during a rampage at a Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb was an Army veteran who may have been a white supremacist, according to a law enforcement source involved in the investigation.

Monday Morning - I just came home from running errands. The heat and humidity are so high in the city, you just have to stand somewhere and the sweat pours off you tough the humidity will drop this afternoon. That aside - everywhere I went people are talking about the craziness in the world - especially in their lives - having nothing to do with the news. A man in the elevator was talking on his phone about it to a friend. Others shopping in local stores also passed comments. More to the point no one knows how and when this will end. Then there's something else ... people are displaying mood swings without being bipolar or maybe they were hiding it - or just went off meds. One day they're polite ... the next day they get angry and defensive.

Usain Bolt

On a happier note - I watched Jamaican runner Usain Bolt (nickname Lightning Bolt) win the New York Marathon and knew he would win the gold today setting a world record. He's awesome.

Bigger is better -- Did you happen to notice that the winners in most events - with the exception of gymnastics - were very tall? Usain Bolt is 6 ft 5 in (1.95 m ). Michael Phelps is 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m). Missy Franklin is 6 ft 1 in (185 cm). And there are others.

Bolt sprints to Olympic gold   CNN - August 5, 2012
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt defended his title as the world's fastest man Sunday, grabbing gold in the men's 100-meter race by setting an Olympic record with a time of 9.63. Bolt, who became a household name with his gold medal win in the 2008 Beijing Games, is the first sprinter since U.S. Olympic legend Carl Lewis to defend an Olympic 100-meter title.'

Somewhere in Space

Nocturnal: Scenes from the Southern Night

NASA Scientists Over the Moon

  NASA's rover Curiosity lands on Mars   CNN - August 6, 2012
NASA's rover Curiosity successfully carried out a highly challenging landing on Mars early Monday, transmitting images back to Earth after traveling hundreds of millions of miles through space in order to explore the Red Planet. The $2.6 billion Curiosity made its dramatic arrival on Martian terrain in a spectacle popularly known as the "seven minutes of terror."