Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strange Lucid Dream

Wednesday, I had a strange wake-up dream. I was with my ex-husband Ralph - now deceased but who visits the family often. We were driving somewhere in his white Cadillac Escalade pick-up. Ralph and I had several Cadys back in the day, but this was a late model to help me to identify the timeline. Ralph also believed in buying white - or light colored cars, so other drivers can see you better in the dark.

It started as a sunny nice day of fun, as we laughed and drove along. We stopped for lunch somewhere over a bridge. Walking into what I thought was a road-side diner, the energies became strange, like being in the twilight zone.

Returning from the rest room, the dream became lucid, and I remembered that Ralph had died, and something was off. I panicked, and grabbed my black bag (the one I use in the Fall) and ran out the door, as Ralph told me not to be afraid of what was going to happen. My current, white Lexus SUV was waiting for me outside. As I drove away, I looked back. It was like the scene from the film 2012 when John Cusack and his family were driving away as everything collapsed behind them - or the closing scene from the film Inception when the buildings collapsed into the sea, which I quickly recognized as a metaphor, created by my mind for what was coming.

I stopped the car when I saw a red brick building crumbling into the ocean ... realizing it was my current home. Then I remembered Ralph telling me not to be afraid, so I watched as things collapsed, knowing it was all just a dream - a film fading to black. Then I woke up.

Hurricane Isaac ... The Cycle of 7 ... Going to 8 or Infinity

Hurricane Isaac reminds us of Hurricane Katrina 7 years ago. At that time, I dreamed Katrina was Kali (an alien - the destroyer who recreates) which takes us to the Kali Yuga -- considered by many Hindus to be the day that Krishna left Earth to return to his abode in the sky. This next takes us to December 21, 2012. Some say that Kali is also the goddess Durga - both representations of the same feminine 'Shakti'. Durga takes us to Durga Puja celebrated in 2012 starting October 19th. October 19 takes us to the film Knowing - destruction and rebirth.These were al aliens.

Who was Isaac ... another alien?

Isaac as described in the Hebrew Bible, was the only son Abraham had with his wife Sarah, and was the father of Jacob and Esau. Isaac was one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites. According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born, and Sarah was beyond childbearing years. Isaac was the only biblical patriarch whose name was not changed, and the only one who did not leave Canaan. Compared to those of Abraham and Jacob, Isaac's story relates fewer incidents of his life. He died when he was 180 years old, making him the longest-lived patriarch.

  Officials: Hurricane Isaac's storm surge overtops levee, sends 12-foot flood into La. homes   MSNBC - August 29, 2012

California Earthquakes Continue

Unusual earthquake swarm shakes Southern California   Chicago Tribune - August 29, 2012
An unusual swarm of hundreds of mostly small earthquakes has struck Southern California over the last three days and shaken the nerves of quake-hardy residents, but scientists say the cluster is not a sign a larger temblor is imminent. The earthquakes, the largest of which measured magnitude 5.5, began on Saturday evening and have been centered near the town of Brawley close to the state's inland Salton Sea, said Jeanne Hardebeck, research seismologist for the U.S. Geological Survey.