Wednesday, August 1, 2012


What happens before, during, and after a total blackout?

Could you survive the rest of your life without electricity?

Remember the Northeast blackout of 2003?

Let's look at India. You all know what happened there Tuesday - but in case you missed the news ....

July 2012 India Blackout   Wikipedia

Why India Just Suffered the World's Biggest Blackout   Live Science - August 1, 2012

India endured the world's largest power failure today (July 31), with a blackout that affected 700 million people, including the nation's capital of New Delhi. Trains and subway systems stopped, while private businesses and hospitals geared up their generators, the New York Times reported. Today's blackout followed another large outage yesterday, which affected 350 million people. Although record-setting in size, the blackout wasn't entirely unexpected. India is chronically short on power, and Indian cities regularly experience temporary power cuts, as many outlets reported. Today's and yesterday's outages underscore longer-term questions about how India can continue to supply its citizens' and businesses' growing demand for electricity.

Scenes From India's Power Outage   CNBC - August 1, 2012
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