Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Rainbow and the Stork

Creation has been a very important theme, with Z and I over the past week.

A client named Joe was here on Monday. Joe is into all things metaphysical and mentioned a recent broadcast on Coast to Coast. The guest visited the sacred site at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which is laced with artifacts linking humans to alien creators. One of the things the guest mentioned was an alien looking statue of a man who had both his hands holding his penis, which evokes all sorts of imagery and jokes. Unfortunately, it was the only statue she was not allowed to photograph. I told Joe about the Egyptian god Min with the large erect penis - signifying fertilization and creation. The alien stone figure at Gobekli Tepe would represent the same symbology. Or it could mean the guys with the big ones get all the girls!! (I couldn't resist that one).

Joe and I had one other interesting experience. He held my hand, closed his eyes and said about me ... "You are very, very content now as your work is done. You are an old soul going way back with many experiences in the physical." He flinched when he saw a brilliant white light ... moved into it ... then saw me standing in the light looking younger. He moved through the white light to see who I was and experienced navy blue ... continuing on and much to his surprise he arrived at the black void. He let go of my hand, opened his eyes and stared at me. "You are from creation itself - you create," he said with sudden recognition. Very cool!

Ron called after Joe left and we talked about my experience with Joe. Suddenly, a rainbow formed not far from the bridge, though it hadn't rained all day. As I watched it, Ron said, "You're not going to believe this, but a stork just flew by." He has never seen stork in Sparta, NJ where he has lived for many years. Just after he said that, Z created a stork out of clouds for me. Look to the left of the rainbow not far from the bridge.

As the sun set in the most majestic tones of pink, orange, and bright red, I downloaded the photo and added it to my blog. It's almost time.