Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Messages

Welcome to the last week of September 2012. The weeks ahead will feature the political scene highlighted this week here in the city where world leaders flock to the United Nations for the 67th annual session of the General Assembly. The general debate is expected to draw participation from 116 heads of state and government leaders who have already arrived - the traffic and security around the UN braced for trouble. Here's what you can expect

Tuesday night at sundown, and Wednesday, millions of people around the world will celebrate the High Holy day of Yom Kippur - a sacred time for many in the city, even if they don't observe Jewish holidays the rest of the year. There is an energy about Yom Kippur that takes hold each year for that 24 hour period. As with all Earth customs, people celebrate as they are programmed.

In the US presidential race ... well, you know what's going on or find it as boring as I do - just checking out the highlights when Romney screws up. Don't you feel that none of it makes any difference to the final outcome of reality?

Sunday night's Emmy's -- I don't watch any of the shows that were nominated so all I can say is congratulations to all the winners. There is so much talent out there, it's hard to pick one over the other. It's about programming.

As for me on this sunny autumn day in the city - I'm taking my friend Sherry out for her 70th birthday. She's the friend we all remember - the one we grew up with and shared our earliest memories - the one who never faded from our lives, even when we took our journeys into higher awareness. Sherry was there when I went on my first date, and was part of everything I did in life. Her path is traditional, married, has two married children and two grandchildren. She retired from medical research with high accomplishments, and all the good things that come with life.

Last week, Sherry told me that she watched a story in the news about a 73 year old woman who was referred to as elderly. She paused and said, "Are we elderly?" "Not me," I replied, but then again I am still 69 and age is how you feel emotionally and physically. It's all a state of mind and how burned out you are.

At this point in the game, the only thing I feel aging is the program, coming to its demise in the not too distant future. On that note, I was drawn to review the 2012 file, as I am more about watching the world, than reading and hearing about theories. The answers are within. All of my clients tell me they feel it. Many of my Facebook friends are on the same frequency. It's coming at us in all different directions to trigger souls based on their programming -- and the one thing you can bank on is that it's going to happen.