Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Autumn in New York With Ellie

Walking along the esplanade near the Verrazano Bridge

Several small boats sped by passengers enjoying the 70+ degree temperatures

The Autumn sun glistening over the water

At the end of the day ...

Archaeologists in History

Archaeology & Paleontology - November 2015 Many Stories

November 4, 1922

Howard Carter finds the steps leading to Tutankhamen's tomb.

  Howard Carter Finds Tut's Tomb Google Videos

November 4, 1901 - October 1, 1974

Spyridon Marinatos

  Island of Santorini Google Videos

Spyridon Marinatos was one of the premier Greek archaeologists of the 20th century whose most notable discovery was an ancient port city on the island of Thera, Santorini in the southern Aegean Sea, destroyed and preserved by the massive volcanic eruption, ca 1650-1600 BCE, spawning myths of Atlantis. Among the finds made at the site were the finest frescoes discovered in the Mediterranean region to that time. The most famous of these murals is the 'Two Boys Boxing.'

Some researchers say that the Atlantis myth came from the ancient Egyptian priests.

Were they referring to an advanced civilization living on a real terrestrial island or a

metaphor about ancient astronauts who visited Earth long ago who built the Great Pyramid?

Spyridon Marinatos

November 5, 1867 - June 6, 1942

George Andrew Reisner

  George Andrew Reisner Google Videos

George Andrew Reisner was a U.S. archaeologist
who directed excavations in Egypt and Nubia.

Nubia was a cradle of civilization 5,000 years ago.

George Andrew Reisner