Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Master Plan

Today, the world mourns those who were killed in the Paris massacre while listening to stories by the survivors - as law enforcement from round the world searches for answers in the continuing ISIS terrorist attacks outside of Syria and Afghanistan. You didn't really think ISIS would stop there did you? Once migrants moved into Europe, its fate was sealed along with ours - but that in truth is the Master Plan. There are secret societies that date back to our founding fathers and beyond - linked to global situations unfolding today.

On that theme - I watched two TV series that debuted last week.

Oak Island is the location for the History Channel reality TV series The Curse of Oak Island now in Season 3 though I happened upon it by accident last week. Video from History Channel

If you follow the journey of the bloodline you know that Oak Island, Nova Scotia is linked with the Knights Templar mysteries and Freemasonry - as the Program moved across the global game board from the Middle East into Europe then to Canada and North America. (Does that pattern sound familiar today?) I searched through The Curse of Oak Island noting one thing of importance to me - not the treasure if it exists - but the technology used to determine what lies beneath. This is the same technology used to reveal secrets about what lies beneath the Great Pyramid reported last week. Whatever is found is another insert as the program awakens the sleeping souls.

TNT has a new action adventures series called Agent X staring Sharon Stone as newly-elected Vice President Natalie Maccabee who not only learns that all that weird Freemason stuff on the History Channel is real but she's in charge of handling decision-making as it affects global terrorism today. There are secret keys, that open secret doors leading to rooms. There's awesome tech and of course a handsome James Bond type-character played by Jeff Hephner. Sharon's Chief Steward is played by Gerald McRaney - at last someone my age playing a government tech expert. The mysteries and conspiracies continue... both on TV and in what with believe is real life.