Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Debrief

"Spectre," the latest James Bond film, was the weekend box office winner in North America which is no surprise. It's interesting that the latest "Bond Girl" Monica Bellucci is 51 and looks amazing. I think one of the most important things in looking younger is your hair - then your weight and attire - did I forget your attitude. Try not to become a cranky older person who is basically burned out.

A French Banksy invades N.Y.
The anonymous Paris street artist with the pseudonym Invader arrived in New York over the weekend with plans to put up artful mosaics on buildings in the city. Hope i get to see them.

Friday, I blogged about buying the grandsons Dylan and Giovanni "Call of Duty: Black Ops III". Grandma also pre-ordered another game Fallout 4 which arrives for the boys Tuesday.

The Slinky, which first appeared in the Gimbels department store in Philadelphia 70 years ago this month, didn't start out as a toy. A mechanical engineer at a shipyard in Philadelphia, Richard James, was trying to come up with an anti-vibration device for ship instruments. He knocked some springs off a desk and was startled when they took slinking steps, almost as if they were strolling away. He saw their potential as a plaything. The simplicity of a Slinky belies its scientific complexity. Each ring of a slinking Slinky is pulled up by another and pulled down by gravity in equal amounts. Try holding the top of a Slinky, while letting the bottom dangle over a step. The bottom of a Slinky doesn't move until you let go and the top of the Slinky comes down and is completely compressed. Astronauts on the shuttle Discovery in 1985 found that the Slinky did not behave in weightlessness the way it does on Earth. One astronaut said: "It sort of droops." More than 300 million Slinkys have been sold since Mr. James and his wife, Betty, demonstrated the toy at Gimbels.

Ellie and the Slinky of Time: A vertical Slinky expresses how consciousness spirals through the loops of time ... each dot on the slinky a place the soul is experiencing while remaining connected above and below. What we call "old souls" refers to a soul having many "dots" on the slinky of time.

A real game changer.
That's what an international sports lawyer says about a global report to be released today that will show a new level of corruption in track and field. The document is expected to describe a pervasive culture of doping among Russia's sports programs and to implicate international track officials.

The presidents of China and Taiwan met for the first time since 1949, agreeing on small steps to bridge their divisions.

Israel's leader in Washington.
Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Obama today in his first visit to the White House since the Iran nuclear accord, which the prime minister strongly opposed. The encounter is likely to be strictly transactional, as the two leaders have an uneasy relationship. They will discuss extending a 10-year military aid agreement for Israel.

Relying on New Hampshire.
Some lagging Republicans are staking their presidential candidacies on one-on-one campaigning in the state. And Ben Carson is the latest candidate to be challenged on the truthfulness of some of his statements. Confronted with inaccuracies, several others have ducked, dodged and ridiculed assertions, mostly from media outlets they dislike.


It was an exciting Sunday in sports for us New York fans. I watched the Jets win - the Giants win - and most exciting for my family - Ryan, Nikki, Matthew, and Noah watched the Knicks beat the Lakers at Madison Square Garden.

Phil Jackson President of the New York Knicks

Allan Houston Assistant General Manager of the Knicks

Herb Williams retired basketball player