Friday, November 6, 2015


More weird weather today ... we could hit 78 degrees in the city.

Spectre the 24th official James Bond film and the 4th for Daniel Craig in the starring role, opens today in the U.S. My son-in-law Ryan invited me to a showing at a client event in Fairfield, CT. Wed, night, but I was too tired to make the trip. Matthew and Noah loved it but not a favorite for the adults. Actually, I didn't like the last Bond movie either.

My teen grandson, Dylan, almost 15, and Giovanni, 15, are excited about something grandma ordered for them - the code now available on Amazon - Call of Duty: Black Ops III. I don't play video games so not sure what this one is about but their excitement speaks for its popularity.

Better excitement reigns on some of my favorite TV shows - highlighted last night with "The Blacklist". Those writers never cease to amaze depicting covert ops that we know exist and they unravel each episode.

Fiction, Non-fiction, Games and whatever is covertly going on ...
Amid tightened security, vacationers hope to fly home from Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt today. Britain had canceled flights after fears that a bomb caused a Russian plane to break apart over the Sinai Peninsula last weekend. Don't see another bombing but chaos is increasing ...

Then we have the US presidential political shenanigans ... Donald Trump on SNL ... What would George Washington say?