Monday, November 2, 2015

Sports and Other Games

I was thrilled watching American Pharaoh, winner of the Breeders Cup on Saturday - amazing career. Moving to Sunday - it was not a great day for NY fans as the Mets lost the World Series to the KC Royals. The energy was with the Royals after the pitcher of Game 1 lost his father just before the game. Loss sets up a momentum to win.

The NY Giant game was even sadder as they lost in the final second in overtime as I watched while talking to my grandson Giovanni in AZ. (Drew Brees threw 7 touchdown passes, tying the N.F.L. single-game record, to lead the New Orleans Saints to a 52-49 win over the New York Giants. Eli Manning threw six touchdown passes in a losing effort. The 13 touchdown passes are a N.F.L. single-game record.)

Giovanni was more excited about the new video game I pre-ordered for him for his PS4 called Call of Duty: Black Ops III. To be honest, I don't play video games - know little about them - but you probably knew that. With all the PR about Fantasy Football I tried to figure it out - though not drawn to it.

What ever happened to Yeti?

Somewhere along the line ... you read about, or watched a program having to do with Bigfoot also known as Yeti, among other names depending what part of the world you were referencing. There are legends about this tall hairy creature that you may or may not have concluded exists ... or really don't care. Ah ... you don't care - neither do I. Like most of us - I'm trying to figure out human programming at this junction, not hairy beasts. Cryptozoology is indeed fascinating but not part of my programming.

Who or what is Yeti? How does it remain hidden? Would you ever go in search of ... Yeti? One of my former clients decided to investigate Bigfoot but, like everyone else, found nothing conclusive other than large animal footprints.

Yet, Yeti is real, no matter where in the grid they exist - merging into our level of consciousness from time to time as an insert. Do you ever wonder if humans are simply another insert on Earth whose time is coming to an end? This feels true but I see all of the inserts in the hologram ending - experiment done with however many species are/were here. Yeti ... Aliens ... Gods ... Alas ...more busy work as souls want answers after eons of questing. I'm not into any of that. All I want is my power to teleport back (whatever that means to you).

An article in BBC news today says ..

Why don't people see the yeti any more?   BBC - November 2, 2015
Until recently it was common for people in Bhutan to share stories of their encounters with the Himalayan yeti. But with the arrival of modernity, villagers no longer need to climb high into the mountains, where they once saw traces of the yeti - or thought they did. So a legend is slowly fading away.

On March 23 2012 "Ancient Aliens" aired an episode called "Aliens and Bigfoot" examining the legends of Bigfoot, a creature described as half-man/half-ape that allegedly stalks remote woodlands around the world, and suggests the creature may have connections to an alien species that may have visited Earth. Also suggested are that the legends of supernatural giants such as the Bible's Goliath, the hybrid Nephilim, the Sumerian Enkidu, are tales of human interaction with such creatures.