Thursday, November 12, 2015

White Coat Syndrome

Does your blood pressure go up when checked in the doctor's office. You could try watching what you eat a few days before, then taking two slow deep breath before being checked.

White coat hypertension, more commonly known as white coat syndrome, is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit a blood pressure level above the normal range, in a clinical setting, though they don't exhibit it in other settings. It is believed that the phenomenon is due to anxiety that those afflicted experience, during a clinic visit. The patient's daytime ambulatory blood pressure is used as a reference as it takes into account ordinary levels of daily stress. Many problems have been incurred in the diagnosis and treatment of white coat hypertension. The term "masked hypertension" can be used to describe the contrasting phenomenon, where a patient's blood pressure is above the normal range during daily living, although it isn't above the normal range when the patient is in a clinic setting. Read more

'White Coat Syndrome' Could Actually Be A Sign Of Future Disease   Huffington Post - November 11, 2015
For all its life-saving potential, a blood pressure reading isn't necessarily as straightforward as you'd think. For some people, the stress of having their blood pressure tested at a doctor's office is enough to elevate the reading, leading to higher numbers than they'd get if they measured their blood pressure at home. This is called "white coat hypertension" or "white coat syndrome," so-named for the doctor's white coat that supposedly inspires anxiety in patients.

November 13, 2015

About Friday the 13th

Are you super superstitious about number 13?

If you are, does it have anything to do with
things that go wrong in your life on a regular basis?

There was a Friday the 13th in February and March this year and
November exactly 39 weeks (3 x 13 weeks) after February's Friday the 13th.