Friday, December 3, 2010

The 99ers

Here's the next pattern of the week - extended unemployment - 99 weeks and beyond. They are called the 99ers. This is what's been told to me by clients, not my opinion. Many have decided to use the two years as a time to stay home and do nothing, especially when their expenses are minimal. They consider the money a gift and believe that after being out of work for two years, a good job awaits their return. They do not wish to do part time work. None want to work again. Some have used the time to try one or more start-up businesses, but most are not doing well or never took off due to the recession. Some have invested in real estate to flip or resell after the housing market allegedly comes back ... or so they hope/think. Some are using assets to travel and quest for whatever adventure awaits them. The hologram is changing.

Unemployment Numbers Coming: Have You Seen Any Job Growth?   NPR - December 3, 2010