Monday, December 13, 2010

Emotional Themes 2010

When I read people whose destinies seem emotionally bleak, it makes me grateful that I am aware of what lies ahead for the hologram. Here is one more example of how to understand the way our hologram works ... Think about any hologram you've seen in a film or on TV. Something happens and instantly the hologram disappears. That's how it's done in the magic and alchemy of consciousness. Now ask yourself, how close are we to our hologram ending ... feel it ... see it ... then you'll get it, if not today ... somewhere in the sands of time.

So ... did you heal your issues this year after working hard on it? Did your situation improve? Did you find love? lose love? searching?


One year ago we talked about the dysfunctionality of the human biogenetic experiment increasing as the grids collapse. Has that happened around you? Have you changed the way you think or your patience level with those who are dysfunctional? Stress is changing reality.

Holidays, particularly Christmas, trigger emotions in people they have suppressed much of the year, particularly loneliness. There is 'being alone', and then there is loneliness, a feeling of not connecting with anyone. People fill up the spaces and time with fun things, for that is the best way to overcome negative emotions before that manifest at a physical level in one's body.

They say that if you think positively, good thinks will happen. To think positively is to balance the chemistry of your brain which reacts by attracting something positive, but if that balance is not maintained, good things get sabotaged and move away. It's never easy.

The next theme "Couples': 'Meeting a person who will take care of you, be there for you and share life with you in a loving way' ... this theme is still in the grids, will remain there till the end, and upsets people who want to believe this will happen for them, and it never does, or it doesn't last - reality check needed.

I have meet many couples who share life in a loving way ... but not everyone is programmed to that end. Most people become partners with someone they can play out their issues or dramas with until they can't take any more ... then leave. Know your emotional boundaries.

Couples who tell me they live apart and meet for fun and great sex, are often the most balanced and happiest of all as there is no feeling of being controlled - a powerful emotion that surfaces when two people have different needs.

There are great things to do out there that nurture the soul and enlighten, if only a monetary fix. Close your eyes ... Visualize the perfect place for you to visit. It doesn't have to be a power grid point on the planet as the energies for most are contaminated by all the humans who have been there to heal - they are not the same as they were decades ago. Now make a plan to visit your special place or one like it in 2011.

Once upon a time ...

Santa plotted a 'course' ...

And a new hologram appeared as if by magic ...

Magi -- Zoroastrian astrologer-priests from ancient Persia - Z

2011 will be a huge year of awakening about the nature of the hologram.