Thursday, December 2, 2010

From Corporate To Creation

An interesting pattern has emerged reflecting educated corporate people, around the world, male and female, who have been triggered to seek answers to ancient mysteries mostly having to do with creation.

These are not the usual wounded souls who have to work on abuse issues to figure things out.

These souls understand their ability to create/manifest what is needed.

They have entered into what I call Practical Metaphysics.

They have no need to heal and help the world, or save souls.

They have a feeling of being triggered for something that has sat dormant since birth.

They know who they are at this time.

They come from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, many are bi-lingual, well traveled, and catch on quickly.

They are awakening hard and fast and has to do with the timing of the program's closure.

None have problems with reality as an illusion - dreams and other experiences now making sense to them.

None believe that this reality evolves to another dimension wherein we maintain our ego identities - that's not possible.

So what makes them so special? They are a powerful force in moving consciousness, mostly because they have been doing it successfully all of their lives. Like everyone, they have an emotional component but they balance it with other factors that shape their lives and reality. They are moving consciousness in ways that is light years above those who believe they change the grids by meditating.

They awaken ... grasp the situation ... do what has to be done ... shifting everything into place at the end.

You know who you are.