Monday, December 27, 2010

Weird Weather

Ellie's Bedroom Window

  East Coast storm strands travelers, vexes drivers   AP - December 27, 2010

9:40 - The sun is shining and wind is causing the snow to drift. The city is silent as there is no way to get around for now, giving many people an extra day off from work. As I watched the weather report for the rest of the week, knowing we live in a world of collapsing grids and weird weather, by the end of the week the temperatures are supposed to go as high as 50° (10° C).

Your Predictions For 2011

In the past, people looked to famous psychics across the planet to give annual predictions for the upcoming year. Some were right ... others wrong ... and as always the key events were not seen in detail until they manifested in the physical.

Through the years you have become more psychic, so now it's your turn. As someone who keeps in touch with things on the planet, let's see how good your predictions are for 2011.

Open a WORD document, or use paper and pen.

Use any form of divination if that feels like the way to go, or just trust your evolving intuition to guide your responses.

Here are some basic topics to psych on:

  • economy, stock market, unemployment, housing,
  • science and technology breakthroughs,
  • space,
  • health, physical, emotional, other,
  • natural disasters, weird weather, the sun,
  • disasters, manmade,
  • environment, global warming,
  • politics, governments, WikiLeaks,
  • religion, pope, false gods,
  • relationships, friends, family, romantic,
  • scandals,
  • sports,
  • media,
  • crime,
  • human consciousness
  • UFO, aliens, ancient astronauts, creation,
  • prophecy,
  • end of the program,
  • other

Save and return to your file at the end of 2011 as we approach 2012, unless you don't think we'll be here at that time.