Friday, December 10, 2010

Friends and Synchronicities

Sunday I was drawn to update several Mythology files that include Gargoyles, Griffins and Sylphs (angel cloud formations).

Monday I blogged about Mercury Retrograde starting today (December 10-30). Mercury Retrograde affects transportation and communication. It means Repetitions and Delays and often Indecisiveness. The God Mercury was Hermes, the Trickster, Merlin the Magician, Thoth, Isis, to name a few in an endless list.

Thursday Afternoon

    Reruns of the "The Colette Baron-Reid Show can be heard on Saturday. Colette welcomed, Ellie Crystal, a psychic, medium, author, lecturer, teacher, and media personality. You may best know her as the creator and author of the popular website,, which receives over one million unique visitors each day. Ellie describes Crystalinks as a compendium of thousands of integrated files merging science and science fiction to create a unique journey that allows you to heal issues and awaken consciousness.

At the start of the show, Colette used her Angel Cards to bring messages to one of the listeners. At the same time, my attention was drawn to the clouds moving over the bridge, forming an angel, like the Sylph images. Another listener described photographing a giant cross in the sky. As Colette and I read another woman, I saw the woman with many burdens looking like Atlas who held the world on his shoulders.

Thursday evening, I watched the History Channel documentary series Angels and Aliens which should rerun again over the next few days if you missed it, then posted on YouTube. The show featured many of the things I had recently blogged about.

From 1995-1997, when Crystalinks began, I wrote about Ancient Aliens and such, but removed my theories as I didn't want Crystalinks to be another website with what one might call, channeled material, filled with Woo-woo stuff. After removing the information, Z told me that when the time was right I would repost my theories as the world would be ready to understand. It is all in preparation for what lies just ahead.

Little by little, the information was seeded into the human consciousness experiment, as people move past the Healing Grid and need 'the next'. Media helped with films such as The Matrix Trilogy, The 13th floor, and Inception, to name a few.

On April 20, 2010 the History Channel began a documentary series called Ancient Aliens - old themes presented with the latest technologies and interviews with well informed speakers most of who I know. These researchers and authors are spot on.

This was the door I needed to reincorporate my theories and let them sift through Crystalinks as guided. Crystalinks' theme for 2010 was the merging of science and science fiction - and so it is coming to pass in everything we experience as we quickly move toward the end. Never forget that reality is myth, math, metaphor, and magic, and that everything experienced falls into those categories.

Highlights of "Angels and Aliens" --- Most people believe in angels - winged visitors from god - the name in Hebrew translated to mean Messengers (Mercury).

I'm no Angel - but I certainly feel like a Messenger.

Angels have been part of human consciousness hologram since its beginning.

Many early depictions of angels in the bible show them without wings. Wings evolved later as another awakening metaphor. "We come from higher frequency consciousness, and soon return to that from which we were created." It's all that ascension stuff - yet nothing about that feels real to me - like we're being played. The program ends, then poof, ego identity is gone, just the soul spark remains, if that. I can live with that.

In the duality of things, there were good angels and fallen angels, some of whom mated with woman on Earth to created an alleged race of giants called Nephilim. I guess once in 3D certain urges come over you ... let's mate. I wonder what term the Angles called it when they hung out and made plans.

Also pictured on the show was Atlas holding the burden of the metaphoric world on his shoulders. Also ... all sorts of beings from what is looked upon as an Angelic hierarchy, (why is there always a hierarchy?) as well as weird hybrid beings, Gargoyles, Griffins, and more. Hybrid message ... "Reality is a biogenetic experiment" - in our timeline linked to the Nazi and alien Gray biogenetic experiments.

There are no gods - just consciousness. Angels are not gods, just humanoids or hybrid beings, Watchers if you will, who come and go, take many forms, and have always been part of the hologram affecting its final outcome at this level of consciousness.

It would appear that humans have spent forever trying to please their fictitious gods who always seem to get pissed off in the end. Is that still going on today?

Are there both good and bad aliens ... or should we think outside the box and understand that none of this is real, may never have happened, and is all about experience through various encoded belief systems all of which have failed. I know you believe in balance in duality ... but you know the deal ... it can't happen.

Remember... it is not planet Earth that is evolving with you in it. It is the entire hologram that is ending ... the research project complete. I know some of you will get it and others won't - but that's cool as long as the information is seeded at this level so those who need to hear it understand how close we are.

"Ancient Aliens" is a great show and I love the guys .... But next comes the real truth ... It is all an illusion created by Mercury, Merlin the Magician, the Magic, the Magi, It is all Thoth (thought), Z, and consciousness related ... as we are all related to everything. We are not here to save the planet or the world. We have better fish to fry (Jesus metaphor).


Friday BTR - today Lisa and I talk about HARMONY, the new book by Prince Charles who believes in the connectedness of everything in the Universe.

Friday from 2-2:30 pm Eastern Time it's back to Ellie's World Blog Talk Radio and an interview with Lisa Sharkey. Lisa sent me a copy of the book. It has such great energy, I made it a table top book in my living room. The book goes into sacred geometry among other topics discussed on Crystalinks.


Also on Friday - Must See TV - Sanctuary on the Syfy channel. They are doing a story having to do with a holographic city and the Hollow Earth. If indeed entities exist below the surface of the planet, they too would live not in molten rock but in space ships. And as the Tectonic plates are breaking - it is either by their doing, a knowing that the program is over so they no longer have to monitor from below, or they emerge as the plates naturally break apart. Then again, everything is by sacred design, so ... out you go fellas .. the time is now!