Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Morning

Monday morning and freezing in the Big Apple as people scurry about for work and other things to start the week. The morning news mentioned that if you are gift shopping online for the holiday, be sure you can receive your items on time. Also bear in mind that Friday is the first day of Mercury Retrograde so please be careful about purchases and traveling. The key words for Mercury - the gods of Transportation and Communication - is Repetitions and Delays. The God Mercury was also Hermes who was the Trickster and Merlin the Magician. We could use a pinch of magic this year.

Mercury turns retrograde December 10 at 5 Capricorn

Mercury goes direct December 30 at 19 Sagittarius

The image above comes from my friend Colette Baron-Reid's Website on an astrology blog. On Thursday, the day before Mercury Retrograde begins, when it appears stationary, I will be a guest on Colette's radio show at 1 pm Eastern Time. It is a call-in show for people with personal questions.