Thursday, December 23, 2010


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Live Science - December 19, 2010

The Spirit of Anabelle

Tuesday night, around 9:00 as I relaxed in bed feeling the energies of the holidays and the eclipse, the almost full moon overhead, I received a call from a client I was to read today for the first time. Through tears she told me about the death of a woman who was a loving grandmother figure to her and her extended family.

Suddenly, as if a scene from the TV series "Medium", an old woman appeared alongside my bed and smiled at me.

I sat up as the woman told me her name and that she was fine on the other side.

I asked my client, "Was the woman's name Anabelle?"

Surprised she said, "Yes."

"She is here to tell you that she is fine on the other side and had a peaceful transition in her sleep."

"Oh my God!" the client replied through tears. "She died in her sleep with a smile on her face."

We exchanged several messages as Anabelle sent love at Christmas for the family and everyone. The family is Catholic of Hispanic background.

God speed Anabelle.