Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doorways and Portals

Currently, I am drawn to update and improve old files again, but this time as a final review, making interesting discoveries along the way. Creation is complete. Creation Myths by Countries was very interesting, highlighted by the Inca Creation Myth where I stopped updating last night, getting tired and wanting to watch the Friday night episode of Ancient Aliens.

As synchronicity would have it, the show was about one of my favorite places to explore Tiwanaku and the ruins (faces) at Puma Punku. Did you now that one of the faces was white and depicted a gray alien along with all of the races of humanity or perhaps it was all of the races within this subroutine of the hologram?

Doorways - Portals - Gateways

... Bolivia ... once a upon a time ... Giants landed in Puma Punku and in one day built some of the most ancient ruins on the planet. Tiwanaku was the place of worship set up by the locals. It seemed to have had a gateway (portal) that allegedly went to Puma Punku. I like the idea that gods built it all in a day, though in truth it was just another insert as is everything else. It makes good copy and with the inclusion of the gray alien face, ties the beginning and end together as the hologram closes. Every time we recycle, the amount of time from beginning to end decreases exponentially.

My memories of creation go to 12 ships that landed on the planet -> 3 entities (scientists) emerge from each ship -> each group buries a "disc" which terraforms what would be called Earth from its primordial state to the stories (adventures) of humanity (the souls having fun - living and dying) until it was complete. This is it !

The patterns of creation basically followed that same design - > creation -> destruction (cleansing) and maybe rebirth but that still seems part of the myth. We are living in the myth of what we believe is modern man - smarter and more evolved than ancient ancestors. Maybe ... If that were true, everyone would understand reality as a hologram.

Sunday ... I'm off to clean up Prophecies. Just as there are creation myths, so too are there end time myths. They basically all say the same thing - if we don't get our acts together by the second decade of the 21st century - we get washed away for another story/myth ... back to the collective unconsciousness for new story lines, but not this one recycled. That's not exactly true. The hologram just ends. This time it's very different!